"RADST" T-shirt

I had all envy eyes on me earlier today when I was walking down the Nevsky prospekt all because of my cloud rapper look that I created with the help of my friends from "RADSTSTORE".
The promising streetwear brand created by an all-round creative whose name is Alex released a range of t-shirts, baseball caps, socks and accessories featuring its emotional signature signs and slogans presumably hand-painted or embroidered with obvious references to cloud rap and youth culture as a whole.  
Krasnodar-based "RADST" carved out its place in the regional Instagram - savvy youth circles by catering to its recognizable aethetics that is from the one hand closely related to now already established streetwear brands like "ЮНОСТЬ", "Volchok Clothing", "СПУТНИК 1985" "424" and many more, from the other hand - has already adopted its own uncomparable manifesto and face. 
Actually the are not an atelier so it's impossible to choose a design for prints, but for me they exclusively made an exception, so I could choose my own print and a logo to be embroidered on my customized black cotton tee. Yet they made a pair of socks where the sign says "F*ng Renaissance" as a compliment to my order.  Yaaasss! I love the result so much. What about you?

On me: 
1) Radst t-shirt (order here)
2) Vintage nylon  key strape (from here)
3) Prada sunglasses
4) Gosha Rubchinkiy tracking pants
4) Modis gold necklace
5) Adidas sneakers

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Exhibition of Hermes Scarves "Silk Labyrinth"

As you know, I'm currently in the City of White Nights aka Saint  - Petersburg on a little vacation in the middle of the summer. I'm staying at my relatives' house in the suburbs which is quite good cause I have everything for complete chill & relax here after all the hullabaloo crazy routine in Krasnodar. 
But this relatively quiet life doesn't stop me from the best shopping sprees ever (now they have 70% off - SALES everywhere here) and compellig sight-seeing. Today, for example, I paid a visit to the KGallery  where an exhibition of vintage Hermes scarves is running. If you are in Saint - Petersburg until July, 30 you still have time to see the unique  art  - meets  - fashion collection of hand-crafted masterpieces. 

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Maurice Chabale Design X Alexandr Koks SS18 Collection Advertising Campaign 

I am thrilled to have my ever first advertising campaign video released here on my blog. As you guys already know some months ago I approached Alexandr Koks who is known as a very talented abstractionist artist to collaborate with. As a result an outstanding unisex clothes line was born. I made it for my project Maurice Chabale Design and it features a limited edition items like, for example, white short-sleeve T-shirts &  black long-sleeve T-shirts all hand  - painted by Mr. Koks himself (they can be actually worn as a short summer dress too), and I hope we'll create a number of silk scarves and badges all exclusively hand crafted either some day. 
Months of hard work apart, knowing that somewhere across the Ocean there's your high-end favorite brands like Dior, Gucci, Damir Doma or what have you doesn't allow me to call what I do a "brand". Because I am a modest little creature. Of course, I ain't. 
But nevertheless I don't mind working on something small in the beginning to have it grown ito something really big in the end. 
I love how art and fashion collide in a beautiful yet functional form like our tees aka dresses are. 
Some of the pieces (actually 3 white printed tees & 5 black hand - painted tees) are already available for pre-order via my Instagram Direct. They'are of the finest quality. I'm going to wear them myself. We ship only across the Russian Federation for now, but I hope that very soon we'll have made it possible for my global fan band overseas by, let's say, November, 12. Follow my blog updates to be the first to pre-order the items. The official release (when I will let you know the date of when my collection hits a proper showroom) is also coming soon with another video project to follow. 
I would like to thank my dearest  team (you know who you are) for making this magic moment of my life possible and to thank my readers who are  sharing the joy of the moment with me right now. 

UPD: If you want I could post some backstage stories and behind-the-scenes vines later. Leave a comment below if you do. 
Now enjoy the video. 

P.S: You,  Dover Street Market, TSUM MOSCOW , Colette, Barneys, VFiles, Shopbop, Louisa via Roma or what have you, if you are reading this, you are welcome to sell my goodies out across the globe and feed me with cash that I will still leave in your retailer distributing shops. LOL. Because you know what a spending rat lives inside me. I won't mind. Really. A business offer is available via my e-mail: mauricechabale@gmail.com

I love y'all. Good night. 

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LOEWE  S/S18 Menswear Collection

Photo courtesy: James Hawkesworth for loewe.com

There is no other artist in the entire world who would influence my personality more than a true genious like Salvador Dali. Happy memories about a young version of me on vacations who was enjoying the best summer read ever at his Grandmother's summer house  are still incredibly fresh in my mind. The read was Dali's  infamous "Journal d'un genie". And words can't describe what a happy time this period of my life was it all be accompanied by a magic of Dali's surreal worlds he created on his numerous paintings.  
Thanks to another genious of Jonathan Anderson who revived these pleasant childish souvenirs in me by using Spanish Catalonia (motherland of Monsieur "Avida Dollars") as a setting for LOEWE Spring Summer 2018 Men's.
And I'm really mesmerized by these photos taken from  "Publication Nº16 SS18 Men" which you can see on LOEWE's official website.
I don't mind if  among my readers there would be a really talented photographer (as talented as James Hawkeworth) who will blend my humble persona into this fairy atmosphere reinterpred by his own vision. But I can clearly see myself through this kind of concept.  Only young photographers and make -  up artists who work TFP required. I'll spend 4 days in Saint-Petersburg in July, that's why I would love to be in the skin of modern Peter Pan who explores beauty of this wonderful city.  Please e-mail me to mauricechabale@gmail.com,  if you like the idea and would like to collaborate.

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