"LONELINESS": from a piece of text to the creative imaginery

Moscow Fashion Week 2018 gave me not only some professional experience but also a couple of good friends. 
There I met Lera, for example, who is a very promising young photographer from Moscow. 
While sharing the same area  at the fashion show 'photographers spot'  place we agreed to work on a project I have been keeping in mind for years until the moment I could make my dream come true.  So impressed I was by her previous projects for some other brands. 
At the University I used to have a short course of psychology which I liked a lot because of my professor who was reading lectures to students in my group and who,  thanks to my 'unique ability to write creatively' (in her own words) she once asked me to think of a piece of text for an alumni conference, the subject was up to me to choose. 
I actually chose to write about the concept of 'loneliness' because the one was responding to my current state of mind at that period of time. 
Like I guess every pubertant man I felt so lonely and abandonded but at the same time ambitious and full of energy yet extremely selfish. 
Here I am now, 20 years older and trying to work on my stylist portfolio, who's  chosen to interprete the same topic that I once had woked on being a student and translated the idea of the afore mentioned piece of text into a series of images specifically created with my team for my first professional photo project. 
I styled the whole photoshoot and guided the process from A to Z. 
I feel so proud of myself I can't even. Ho-Ho. 
But most of all I feel thankful to every member of my professional team. 
Guys, I could never make it all happen without you. 
Thank God you exist. I love y'all (you know who you are). 

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The first day of the 39th season of Moscow Fashion Week  has been closed  by incredibly stylish Artem Krivda Design  fashion show thanks to Artem Krivda, Creative Head of the brand ditto with  Daniil Berg who styled the collection this time and his job was fairly praised by the audience. 
Parallels aside, but Demna Gvasalia will be proud of some accents made.  
I liked that an incredibly charismatic model and You Tuber  Masha Minogarova wearing a dramatic tulle dress over a black hoodie was closing the show. 
I instantly got Lotta in mind when she was also dramatically closing the show &  holding a bouquet of yellow flowers while walking for Vetements back in 2016. . 
As for male models Rinat Mersiaitov and Gena Malinin   were also spotted on the catwalk. 
And this is so cool. 
Promptly - made patriotic accents, the posh soundtrack, professional casting to name a few, -  here is what made Mr. Krivda's show so special today. Congratulations! 

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Enjoy my adventures inside the Moscow Manege during the 5th day of Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Russia 2018. 
Here's the view from my seat at Alexandr Rogov FW18/19 fashion show. 

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MBFWR: Roma Uvarov Design Spring/Summer 2018

Once again, I am thrilled and honored to be invited to a plenty of fashion shows thanks to Mercedez - Benz Fashion Week Russia. This was my first MBFWR experience and I loved it so much. 
There were  so many celebrities attending the shows whose names & faces I  only know because I used to see some magazine covers featuring these famous people when I was a child. 
But now I was sitting at an arm's length behind or saw them backstage and even could say "Hi!", and what is more stunning,  they said their "Hi"s to me in response too. 
I feel so excited while writing this piece actually. 
This Fashion Week is like a real organism because it lives in accordance with its particular rules: everyone tries to outshine each other and this seems like to be some kind of a national sport, it's still vitally important to be caught by a camera of Acielle from Style Du Monde, either way to share a selfie with Kristen from Vogue Diary  or Arthur Ayvazyan (who is a patron of the Moscovian streetstyle) on Instagram. 
This season gave un as sad moments  like Slava Zaitsev's last fashion show as the happy ones.
There was even a sensational moment at Bella Potemkina's show  they would better keep in secret but no the "piquant" situation has become a tabloid fixture for a few days in a row. 
In the next posts I am going to share with you some pictures and comments about my favourite shows during Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Russia 2018. 
Here's my photo archive of Roma Uvarov Design S/S 2018 fashion collection. 
A Creative Director of this brand  Roma Uvarov is a 'new name of Russian fashion'.  Looking at the images Roma created for his new fashion show I can not deny it!
Not only him being a talented young creative personality but he also makes trends and pushes  the boundaries forward in menswear which I admire the most.