New photo project "The sea....the sea"

I went to Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Region, Russia in April 2019 in order to have a rest a little bit, but you should know me in person to understand that I can never resist from working when there is a bare opportunity to make something beautiful. 
Me and my partner-in-crime Julia Chicago had 24 hours to organize this photoshoot. 
And yes, we did it! 
But such a result is beyond my expectations, because our resources were really limited. 
I am not bragging but I am sure that you can reach the unexpected result (which turns out to bee really good) only if you are in love with what you do and yet you are obsessed with your work. 


Production: Maurice Chabale Media
Camera: Julia Chicago

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"Me, my bunny and Karl Marx"

Not a long time ago I went to my native city -  Krasnodar, Russia, - to see my friends and family. 
But, of course, I could not resist from doing something creative there because it was the middle of the spring and everything blossoming: an idea of a new project had quickly come to my mind. 
I had been keeping it in mind to shoot in front of a monument of Karl Marx in the outskirts of the city for quite a long time before I moved for Moscow and there was no doubt where to shoot when this time I met my partner-in-crime Julia Chicago, a photographer,  to discuss a concept of our future project. 
Karl Marx, as you know, was a German philosopher, yet journalist, whose major piece of writing was called "Das Capital" ("Capital"). 
I tried to put a link between currently degrading American capitalism, 'pin-up' culture, Bugs Bunny series of animated short films which in total all made a frame for my frivolous and playful styling of the photoshoot. 
I hope you'll like it. I love y'all. 

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Streetstylemeet at MBFWRussia 2019

I decided to skip most of the shows this season at MBFWRussia , but I couldn't ignore the "street-style- meet", an annual event which takes place in front of Moscow Manege area every spring and brings all young (and not so young as myself LOL) people fallen in love with fashion. 
Sometimes there's almost as much to see off the runaway as on anywhere but not in case of Russia. 
I was dissapointed at seeing photographers taking pictures of  every single person (there are even two or more photographs of the same people out of 134 in total which is unfair) who I saw last season and this situation has now become a common thing. 
If you don't believe me, then check their hashtag on Instagram - #MBFWRussia and you'll see all those peacocks copying looks seen earlier in Milan or Paris. 
All the same dull punk kids in oversized hoodies, printed acrylic scarves, dirty white sneakers or even worse - fake Louis Vuitton/Burberry bags. 
Here is the proof: "On the accessories front and beyond, we’re seeing a continuation of the trends that picked up steam in Europe, like bucket hats, head scarves, sharp tailoring, and zebra stripes." [Source: Vogue]
I can count really beautiful and elegant women on the fingers of one hand seen on official Intagram pages of photographers who worked out there yesterday. 
People who really were worth being published on the website had been unjustly ignored by the blind street-style photograpers. 
We'll always be hearing those humiliating words saying that "Russia has no future in the [fashion] industry" unless we continue to ignore emerging talents and focus our attention on all the same faces from season after season. This is for sure. 

On me: coat by Helen Lichutina, turtle neck by Roma Uvarov Design
boots by H&M, cordoy trousers by Gloria Jeans

All photos are taken by Berezhnova Valeria

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I have no words.  I like this video so much. My heart is bleeding when I hear his voice.  
How come noone told me about this video since you saw me at MFW wearing a hoodie with "Lil Peep" print on front? I ain't a pimpled teenager (but an old lady Xo-Xo) but I'm obsessed. 
I guess you know what I mean. 

R.I.P. Lil Peep ❤

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