Bureaucracy's getting on my nerves....

Yes, that’s what I mean! 
Yesterday I had to go to my new abode’s governor to get the documentation delivered after the Regional Passport Desk where I had gone earlier in the morning. I went back and forth two times changing offices one after another. 
It would be OKay if only I had to spend bloody two hours or so stuck in the fucking traffic congestion on my way home, but I met the other shit on my way like when I arrived the manager was out,  so I could find only his assistant who had no idea of what to do with the documents I’d brought in. The manager’s phone was dead. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to shorten the time he spent trying to figure out what’s what by having found the similar documents on his desk where we saw the seal on. I had been at least 15 minutes late to my work by the time. Ta-da!!!  And I got friggin’ panick attack when that manager from the office called me back and said that they had no person available to bring my docs to the Passport Desk the very next day, so that they could sign them. That means that I’ll have to get up at seven AM and grab my slender ass there to come by nine and queue for god knows how many hours just to get a single time-ticket. I won’t be able to do it rain or shine tomorrow because I’ll have lots of things on my plate except this shit. And I work like all normal people do at this time! So, we agreed that I’ll pick the stuff up on Thursday. Personal at the Passport Desk will fix the date then,  and I’ll be able to have my passport in an apple pie-order only next week. I’m an impatient Mother Frodo: I’ve been waiting for so long (about 5 month to be exact) so, six days afore give me damn goosebumps all over my lean figure! I hate it! And I mean my anger! I hope things will occasionaly change to the better somehow. God bless my invisible regal crown! Kiss ya! Calm me down by sending your increadible LUV to me, my litl fag monkeys!!! Love ya!  


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