Bye, Melanie!!!

Farewell party with my beloved friend from Puerto Rico!

We became friends right after she had first come to work in our company. She was one of the international ambassadors from abroad.

You know how shy I am when it comes to be the first to start a conversation. She seemed to be rather reserved too like all the people of not slavic origin I met on my way. But little had I known that it was a false impression. She turned out to be a very friendly and cute gurl.

The age gap between us is anormous and this time that's me who can be called "an old cow", but eat your tongue out if you say this aloud! Beware! You know I'm young and pretty!

I literally couldn't feel that gap indeed cause she's too smart in comparison to the other girls of her age. I hope we'll meet again some day! It woul be a great idea to go to Puerto Rico to spend a holiday on beaches of white sands and crystal blue waters.

Look at my new lewk which consists of a vintage violet silk shirt, and a dark polyester boatneck sweater of my mom's design. Glasses are by Eternel.

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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