F#ck mes yeux cernés and Russian homophobia!

It’s 3:50AM and I wanna say that I adore the night life I’ve been spending for the last four days.

Some larks would hastily remark that I skip the rising sun and blah blah blah, or some malevolent would probably sarcastically bite my ass by commenting my “yeux cernés” the next day, but who on earth cares? It’s still shining anyway!

En revanche I’ve got a great chance to do all sort of things that I like: i.e. eye-casting over Russian GQ catwalk shots, Vogue France, lots of videos posted on ASVOFF, plus loads of fashion blogs and online editorials, or say getting my mouse hung in the fridge, coz it is damn empty. By the moment of posting my nighty night Tourette Syndrome backwash, I’ll devour my last of 30 red caviar tartines. Believe me, that was shocking for my tight guts.

Besides, I could watch almost every movie on Gaiz.com website, I’ve just finished watching ”The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" and what I can say that I couldn’t get rid of a sticky meme: our state officials and luciferian - like IVAN OKHLOBYSTIN on the front line getting a heart attack while watching this film. That’s a lot of fun I have to admit!

I mean it hurts when you live in the country where THESE THINGS can be made possible, and when even in a down under Australia people are less like homofoe.

For those of my readers who don’t speak Russian let me introduce a docket of the article: “This bloody retard - slash - unchurched priest, sorry! - worse, - dared to write an official letter to Vladimir Putin aka cesspit’s President, attention! - fact! - where he,infernal son of b#tch, no! - worse, offered to fetch out Article 121.1 gone to hell in mid-90’s.”

You, my litl f#g monkeys, probably have never heard about it, so your he-ape queen will be kind to give you an opportunity to refresh your Inside-the-Head memory sticks by this recapitulative article.

The LAW is not enough for them so they wanna be like friggin’ Albania or Nigeria or whatsoever in the list. It’s so disgusting so that Imma at loss of words. Wish me all the best to overpass this HUGE stress: like a new pair of shoes, or a new bungalow somewhere at the Carrebean Coastlines, a vehicle, or a new love (feel free to change the order!)

Time 4 sweet dreams NOW, cutie pies! See ya tomorrow! Sending my intercontinental love overseas!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale



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