F""ck Moi, I'm famous!

I know, I know, I’m a camera and posh Mag b’ch. I got infected by the so called “media appearances” bug back in 1999 when one of the local newspapers had published a blurry photo with my shady silhouette on its background. That was not actually me alone on this photo, but me and my dancing partner with a beautiful name - Lydia.

We were waltzing when a camera man spotted us on the dance floor during one of the Regional Dance Championships which used to take place in Arkhangelsk once a year. Our 15 – year old slender bones were over the moon after our classmates had twittered the news around the school.

Then I remember myself being interviewed in the street by some students of Sociology Faculty in Arkhangelsk State Technical University, unless my memory deceives me.

I don’t actually remember what they asked me about, but I can easily reiterate my orgasm – like feeling in mind that I got at the moment, when I see a photographic objective in front of my eyes again. So, I’ll let you know!

Then I got almost the same experience in Krasnodar when I took part in making a short promo video for the company I worked for. And they also published some ads with my face on a centerfold of one local editorial. That was awesome and lots of fun indeed!

And tonight as I’m surfing the Net, I’ve come across a blogger’s post dedicated to my persona! The blogger’s name is Brian Yeung. He is from Hong Kong. We made friends in Sochi about two years ago when he first came to highlight a daily life of the future Winter Olympic Games 2014 host city. I disagree with the written – above in his article because he didn’t know me enough to make a conclusion of any kind, but nevertheless I’m grateful to his writing skills which made my name appear on MAKS PORTAL SOCHI, one of the most powerful web sites in the Southern Region. And if the famous saying by my beloved Andy Warhol (“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”) is to be trusted, those were my 15 minutes of FAME

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