Film Review: "ДОЧЬ"

I’m just at loss for words after having watched this INCREADIBLE movie by Natalya Nazarova. I’m not pretending to play film critic now, but IMHO I must say, that Nazarova’s deep insight into the current social context of the Russian suburban life, and the problems surrounding it, expressed in a very delecate art visual form seems to be one of those few which are worth being recognized or at least approached to their acknowledgement by the global community of some devoted souls, as long as such kind of unique examples of devotion to muticulous truth enroots an idea of Power of the Almighty God in our minds. Whoever you are, whatever color of your skin is, whichever orientation or religion you adhere to, you must remember that God exists and he’s always keeping an eye on you. If you do bad to somebody, you will pay thrice, if you do good, you will be repaid one day let it be infinitesimally aka endlessly indeed! That’s what I’ve concluded! That’s what I stand for! Spread Peace and LUUUUV around everybody in this shitty world, my sensitive fag buffoons!

POST SCRIPTUM: Those pigs who don’t speak Russian this is a fuckin’ plausible reason (of the rest of 1000000000000000000) why you should bury your needless crappy asses in the world of the Cyrrilic ABC and start respecting my blessed “born-out-of-daMatryoshka-doll’s vagina” country!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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