Haters = inspiration

I like people who keep telling you that you are NOTHING. And whenever you hear this you have to be thankful to these people, though at least appreciate what they say! Why? Well, let me tell you why!

Once one guy who was actually an offended passer-by in my life, told me such kind of things like that I was beneath his or anybody else’s notice just because I did nothing in my entire life.

He was right if we ignore the fact that he was a simple hairdresser, but I had left my home city at the age of 20 years old (I know some crazy guys who learn their lesson of ‘sweet escape’ much earlier, like at 16 or smth., but that was my experience, I can’t shed it) and I started my independent life after that, being absolutely alone and opposed to the cruel outer space that the critical - minded guy was actually part of.

I could speak three languages no matter how, and I’d got a diploma with a bachelor degree for the moment.

I was worth nothing if we don’t take into consideration my first publications which had already been allowed to see the light of the day at that period of time, when he was saying his words of contempt which had only one kernel of truth: since the moment you’ve heard somebody criticizing you, reinstall all your life programmes to introduce a new one, which fires at a target to give everybody their gruel! And if it seems that you’ve done a lot or enough, remember that you haven’t! That means, that you have to work harder and harder, getting a source of energy from your evil-wishers!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale



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