Home...Sweet Home

Home, Sweet Home! Wish I could revamp my apartment as soon as possible, but for the moment the only thing to do is werqin’ my asses on & on.

This is not that simple as It had seemed before.

I've spent thousands of cash just to get my 38 square meters of my personal paradise ready to be furnished.

Why don't they do it instead when they sell houses?

My Turkish friend once told me that the cheapest apartments at his native town are sold with the walls and ceilings bein' bleached already. You just need to pay money and furnish the place however you like, whenever your bank account or your pappy's one allows you to do so.

I'm obliged to do everything myself in this country! What's the difference between the Osman Empire and the Russian Federation I wonder whereas the mutual inner migration flows are absolutely the same?

The major part of preliminary works has been already done luckily so I hope I'll be able to start my glorified godblessed project of furnishing my abode by the end of the spring.

Stay tuned for I'll be updating the info about the inner works as much as possible!

My marble floor covering for the bathroom has come from Venice, my glass shower cabin were fixed two days ago. Oh yes, I prefer old-fashioned Dutch ware w/c pans with seats fixed high. Golden ones are out-of-date! 

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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