I'm back and I'm sober 

Check it out, check it out,  check it out!!!!! 

I know, my pose is like cr@p but f###ck it! Ain't I look pretty in my torn out jeans by ENERGIE. Natalya Vodyanova, would you please give me some private lessons and teach me how to wurqqqq dat ass, coz you are the BEST!!!!

Btw, all these people you are staring at right now are my beloved co-workers and friends. Welcome! I lurve you guys!

I know plastic glasses suck, but who cares when it comes to 'brutal hardcore The Motherland Defender's Day'? Besides, they are the only proof of that I had no vodka shots. Thanks for your attention! I'm off to sleep. Love ya all! Post comments if you had like the same way of having fun! If not, just say you love me! Chao, bambini!


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