My dreamy Lars von Trier alike trash

My 'Lars von Trier alike' trash dream

Actually, Lars von Trier's chefs - d'oeuvre step aside when the issue comes to my nightmares.

Intrigued by dat crap, monkeys? Wait...wait...

No, I wasn't gangbanged by black party monsters' 10 - Inch cocks..... or.... was I? LOL

Can you fancy a train of corridors instead in a huge white bricked hospital which is full of

sunlight? Well, now can you fancy me, prowling around one of those corridors aimlessly from

one point.

But, from another point, my eye's spotting a sum of money on a counter - I actually

can't remember how much there was on, but unfortunately not 1K$ that my ass deserves, for

sure, - and you think what? - yes, my hand started reaching for the money and got it without batting an eyelid to be found in my pocket at once.

Can't believe it? Me either!!!!!!!

I swear to God, I've never stolen either a diamond or a straw in my entire bitchy life! So that sounded like 'you've been a very - very - bad - gurl, Gaga' like of mine.
So I started running away and after a minute or so I found myself on a top floor of a sky-scraper like of those which can be easily spotted in NYC. After the elevator's doors had opened, a very chic marble hall appeared before my eyes shining around with all its beauty. That was a stunning picture to see, I have to admit!
Then I precipitated to hide myself anywhere and I ended up stepping the front door of a kinda junk shop where old classy dressed ladies were counting beads on multi-coloured glass necklaces.
I had spent quite a lot of time there before everybody left, and then I noticed some ownless money again, but I failed to take them at the moment, because I felt like leaving the place as soon as possible. It was like an inner thought that pushed me away from the second crime bein' commited. The very moment I was getting out of the strange second hand curiosity shop, I was greeted by a little dwarf star, smiling like a courtois bitch to 'Moi fabuleux', so that I could see all his 27 bleached teeth out. He was very polite and well-mannered, but still very repulsive though. Then there was a gap between this dream and the other one where I'd got a present that I failed to remember unfortunately, but this might have meant something for sure, ah? Dontcha think so?
I woke up at 5AM sweating like a sinner in a church and started googling the stuff immediately. If this website is to be trusted everythin's gonna be all right! Well, I hope so! Wish me good luck in my long route to the fabulous life where I won't be obliged to steal money for I just could raise my hand up and pick money from a magic tree. I'm falling asleep. So, don't forget to tell how much you LOOOOVE Maurice, whenever you are, even if you come from Alaska, or Malawi or any other distant place in this shitty world. I love you, guys!
FtS: Love you guys. Send me some words of ya love or like this msg! News posts are on their way soon!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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