Nighty night pigging out: epic!!!!!!

"Shashlik", "barbecue", "kebab" or whatever you call it, but this all looks and smells amazing served together with two types of sauces - spicy red and garlic - or - smth. white ones, - onion rings, some grilled mushrooms and baked potato, but for the situation y'all I'm sure once had in life, when you want it like the more the better and you order it, but when you get it you end up pecking the potato and only three pieces of meat in da bowl. That's what your 'epic pigging out' means for the day after you've been dreamin' of it for months.

Y'all know how sticky my hands are to what they call 'GOOD FOOD'.

And that is how MOI & my beloved friend from Sevastopol, Ukraine celebrated his coming back from his native place and actually gasped and hiccoughed over all the atrocities being commited right there by criminals from both sides - State and "Meydan" I mean. That was a mere gastric blasphemy. JK!

Everything could be perfect till my friend gets "Gorilka" out of his Dr. Koffer suitcase. BTW. I looove good ol' school DR. Coffers' NYC based store known for the best leather made travel bags and accessories.

Even two shots for me is more than enough but cumoooom COME ON, we are speaking about one litre of the intoxicating drink with an alcohol content of 40 fuckin' %cent!!!!!!

Of course, we wanted "more booze" and I ended up bitch-dancing in da "Central base" and being a veggie in my (thanx Lord!!!) bed after it. Don't get me started to put comments on the consequences. It was a mere brain ruinin' disaster.

CONCLUSION: It's up to you to make it!!! Coz now I'm leaving for my business super tuper party. No vodka shot, just a glass of red drywine I promise!

Wish me good luck and send me some words of LOVE!

Kiss my butt assholes, I'm gonna have fun! Yahooo! I love ya all!!!!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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