One more lovely day

I had a lovely day today despite some morning insecurities, but money can’t buy your love, so I feel happy rain or sunshine!

What I had to do was all for pleasure! Yours and mine, of course!

First, I got up early in the morning despite I went to bed late the previous night. Surprisingly I did it without an alarm – clock. I said “surprisingly”, because I literally don’t remember when was the last time I woke up without my tarnal alarm clock which is able to make a cadaver wake up.

I started doing some paper work and, while googling some websites, I found out a very interesting one. I haven’t tried this yet, but if some of you, naughty gamblers, dare try your luck, I promise to be the next one to follow ya example!!!! Just don’t forget to leave a comment, PLEASE!!!

Then, after having my bills paid off to hell, I went to have lunch in one of the commonly visited snack bars in the city center, which is called like “Burger’s room”.

Actually I got tenuous relationship with the staff working in there after I once had to wait for about an hour and a half to get my order delivered. I ended up leaving empty – handed after all, because in extenso ‘something went wrong’.

I’d kept on ignoring them till I got seduced by their ads welcoming to the three-course business lunch of appxtrl. 5$ worth. And the portions were absolutely crazy. I mean I left like damn pregnant cockroach. Then I thought: ‘Okay, after that wonderful creamed potato soup with bacon scraps you’ve just served, you deserve my mercy, bitches!’

The moment I was crossing the doorstep I got a phone call from a receptionist informing that I was out of work in the office for today!

So, I fixed a lesson with one of my students who I help to improve English speaking skills twice a week. He’s a very nice and genuine guy, but he lacks zeal to be perfect.

I said him good-bye at about 7:35PM and decided to take a bus because all taxi drivers seemed to extinct like dinosaurs at that time.

I hate traffic jams in Krasnodar!!!!! I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate this shit!!!!

They say that in Moscow the traffic congestion is 300 times worse but anyway they’ve got subway at least!

I was squeezed between an old lady and front doors. Thanks God, He didn’t make an overweight whore of me, but I still felt like a sweating sausage in a hot-dog.

Because this imbecilic cocksucker, the bus driver I mean, kept on grabbing and grabbing people inside. When I was at a loss of temper I literally yelled at a curly-headed bitch who was pushing me up, when there was no any teeny tiny space left in the bus, even for the spotlight, without speaking of three fat asses trying to push themselves in.

I usually try to be patient with such kind of people. But for she hadn’t treated me with unwanted familiarity, I wouldn’t have said a word. I was so happy to answer her back. It was an orgasmic – like feeling. Because I remember when such kind of moments ever happened to me, I behaved like a fucking persecuted sheep with a Stockholm syndrome, pretending to be “over the situation”, and even kinda polite and tolerable.

And I felt really sick after that. This is hard to describe but I would compare this feeling with one when your parents read some sensitive info in your diary or when Russian punks put you in a dust-bit to accomplish their initiation ceremony (I can only guess the reality, don’t get me wrong. I never tried either of them).

Luckily I got home safe.

And one of my co-workers (=friends) has just made my day after having invited me to a her farewell party at Jazzeve. Her name’s Melanie. She’s from Puerto Rico. Yes, you’re right. I mean from one of those paradise-like places on earth with hot sweaty bodies playing volleyball on sunny azure beaches.

So I needa buy a small present tomorrow. Hurraaah to one more shopping day!

Now gonna go to bed! Wait for the reportage after tomorrow’s fabulous bender!!!! Hugs’n’kisses. Take care, my lovely litl monkeys!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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