Rebel inside situation: Tribute to Sochi 2014 Olympics

I was crawling along my room back and forth late at night after having tried to get asleep for several hours in vain.

I have a TV - set at home - it's a typical plasma TV-set like one has got at home, but I barely watch it. This night was exceptional. The Olympic Games had started earlier so this day I decided to bring hommage to this epic sports event. Y'all know how far I am from what's related to sports, but I like hot sporty bodies either male's or female's, and I also do like what sportsmen are wearing. I'm not excited about our national team's outfit at all. The Swedish, Canadian, or even American ones were much better IMHO. But rain or...rain I had been inspired, so I took my camera, fixed it on a pile of sofa pillows (coz nobody's given me a tripod yet but I'd never buy it myself), put on the newly bought T-shirt with Sochi 2014 label on it, made a skirt out of an old oversized T-shirt and that's how my rebellious lewk was born. Just out of nothing! Everything genious must be simple! I love you! See ya tmrw!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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