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I must admit that this idea came to me long time ago, so long time ago, that I’m starting to think that people can’t live such a long life that it had occurred to me not just because of my greedy nature, not at all, albeit I’m like senile Consumer-type babe to earlobes, so I’m far from being that greedy person or smth., and not because of all of us living in a mass consumption world. I simply wanted to put my thoughts together to better understand what I really want to gain in the nearest future, and to see how persistent I am on the way of achieving my goals. You can follow the downlisted stuff being crossed out when got.

To cut a long story short I’m speaking about an online wish list that I’m looking forward to posting here on my digital diary (aka blog/aka travelogue/aka Tourette Syndrome backwash).

Let me reiterate once again not to be misapprehended, that this part is supposed to be changeable. It seems to be interesting to see what gizmos used to be like essentials for you at the moment and how they are replaced by the other ones or even disappear whilst you’re growing older because everything material is frail. Unfortunately (except my fav brands, of course)!

So let’s start step by step:

1) To bring a renovation of my apartment to a perfect end goes # 1 at the present moment;

2) To get my passport expiry renewed is the question of life and death;

3) What’s coming from the point above: I am striving for going abroad. Shame on me, but I’ve never ever been abroad in my entire life. Not that I am obsessed down-to-motherland adherent scrounger who despises everything which spreads out of his narrow - minded “patriotically spiritual” concept. But because of a nuisance which has always prevented me from such simple things like going to the Immigration Office, filling out a good pair of worksheets with dozens of stupidly formal questions, and getting my fucking passport done in a month or so. Firstly, there was my military duty which had sticked my ass down to the odious cesspit - like worldwide - I live in. Secondly, there were some formalities to arrange when buying an apartment. If you don’t get the documents, you can’t go abroad. Well, this is kinda explainable. And there were so many other reasons which will take me an hour or so to enumerate all of them, so I won’t do it, in case you’re interested, but I’m more than sure, that you are not. So let me go further.

4) I’d like to work as a volunteer in a developing country (say African one, or Malaysian one or whatsoever). It might be a good experience, and, besides, I love getting over challenges without mentioning fun that I could get there working with some international communities.

5) But first, I’d like to go to Turkey this spring for the first Fashion Week in my life and an after party fashion event to renew the Pictionary purveyance of my blog for my lovely readers;

6) I need a new digital camera to have the aforesaid accomplished. Plus I needa take an extensive course of Fashion photography, and multimedia directory course too;

7) And of course, I can’t go travelling without a classy Vuitton monogrammed suitcase;

8) And of course, I won’t be able to live without a chic faux fur coat (preferably hand-made), yashmack-like hat, “by HOT” long white tee ala Arabic style, new watches (I’d appreciate RADO), an unassuming gold ring, if I go there in spring, and lots of other items which I’m planning to design and purchase myself for the appropriate occasion;

9) Then I need to pass my exams successfully to then apply for a further educational program in Europe or somewhere else, we’ll see, it depends on my bank account’s abilities;

10) That will demand a TOEFL certificate, or I dunno, any other certificate amplifying my chances to get a part-time job to invest in some projects that I’m not going to reveal now (Pardonnez-moi!);

11) I really needa go to a spa. It’s an ass burning matter;

12) I want to bleach my teeth;

13) I want to get rid of my glassesforever so that I could wear only stylish rims for fun, but not because of my – 4/5 poor sight vision;

14) As I hate gyms, I’d like to have a basic version of abdominal crunch at home to kick off my cockroach paunch;

15) It would be cool to visit some concert one day. Thanks God, I have a limited number of musical preferences in terms of performers I’d like to see singing live (George Michael is # one in the list).

16) I’d like to taste lots of things among national cuisine of every country visited by my humble regal bones;

17) There are some exhibitions working non-stop for their visitors’ sake that every kid in the world is aware of. Here is a small extent of them: Van Gogh Museum, The Dali Museum, The Garage, VINZAVOD, Nykytaiteen Museo and so on.;

18) Then I’ve always dreamt of parachuting despite its being kinda dangerous occasion;

19) If I’m alive after all the extreme-like gangbang in a non-professional sports events I’d like to settle down in my own villa somewhere at the seaside working on my book;

20) Then I’d like to collaborate with a creative team of artists, singers, performers, photographers, fashion designers to create something really important for people’s needs, something like they won’t be able to imagine their life without afterwards;

What else? May be the most important thing which would replace all the above – said pieces: some caring and supportive person beside, who would be flexible enough to get over the obstacles together, sharing any kind of reward for the life-long struggle against surrounding insecurities all over the world. Peace! Sweet dreams! Please, write something like “I luv you” or “I wantt you”, or”I need you!”.
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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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