Искусство потребления vs Fashion & Beauty

What do y’all think of Daniel Radcliffe on the cover of “Искусство потребления" Krasnodar?

I dunno how abt you, my dearest subscribers, but I adore Evgenya Monahova’s photo session on Fashion & Beauty's February edition 2014. Pure black and white chic! Good job, Evgenya! Hope to see ya on Paris - Milan - Berlin runaway shows.

I also dunno how it is like in the other cities, but we have some editorials which are spread for free in some areas, so that everyone can take them without paying. They are sponsored by companies who pay for the advertising of their brand on the editorial's pages. And I love it! Coz

I don't get anything for free like some bloggers do and I buy everything myself. Every Vogue's edition, or Elle's one, or Dazed & Confused, or whasoever glossy and shiny that I ever got in my life, they are all bought on cash that I had earned afore by working my asses like a slave.

"Искусство потребления" ("The art of consumption") is one of those litl treats that I could easily afford without spending a penny on it.

If we take into consideration that I use mags just to see pictures but not to read the verbal content it's more than OKAY. They use paper of a considerably high quality and the whole thing is not repulsive to read. They choose fresh faces for their covers and I like the editor - in -chief's attitude to guide the concept. I can see Dina Ostrouhova being a woman with self-esteem. I respect such kind of women! Wish you publish my face on your pages some day, Dina! 

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