I never thought of this ability of figures and numbers to bring delight before!!!! This is the first step me and you, my beloved readers, have successfully overcome! Congraaats! Thank you!!!! I'll do my best not to dissapoint you, my loves!!! I hope you'll be supporting MOI and people who make my adventures possible as you've been doing for all this time this blog exists. Don't hesitate to post comments and send me words of LOVE! I'm sure you'll find what you search for whatever it is.

My next goal is 1K followers and friends!!!! I love y'all!!!! Kiss'n'hugs.

I'm wearing:

1) black and white striped waistecoat (Elena Lichutina);

2) a bamboo linen shirt (bought in Vietnam);

3)bag ( Salvatire Ferragamo );

4) sunglasses (Matrix);

P.S: I know my hair is mess!!!!!!!!!! Tshhh.....

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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