I'm inspired from the very first moments of the video. Go, Gaga, go!

Could you do me a favour, sweethearts???? Plz, you know I'm not used to begging for something, but this is a question of life & death? PLZ, oh PLZ, tweet me the name of that G.U.Y who's holding Gaga in her arms on 7:15 min.?

Have you appreciated the way she praised each and every piece of her team? Boy, it's huge! She even did't forget to mention some of the electrics' names!!!! Such a nice person this Lady Gaga! I've always known that the most successful people are the kindest creatures in the world! (Natasha Vodyanova is forward!!!!!)

What d'y'all think of the video? Post comments and don't forget to enclose some words about how you love MEEEEEEEEE!!! I love you all!!! You, you, yes, and even you!!!


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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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