As I am a passionate blog lover and I read thousands of blogs a day and I can't imagine my life without tracking different people's lives who post pictures on their travelogues, adventurelogues, fashion credit webresourses, as I can't imagine my life without reading books or fashion magazines.
It's naturally become some kind of an equally dutiful procedure for me.
I'm sure that blogging is a long-lasting phenomenon. Firstly because blogs are guided by the new generation which consists of people who'd literally torn their place in the sun from the 'old school' adherents of fashion. And this deserves much respect. They won't give up so easily not to let social media  forget about them.
How surprised I was to find all the most influencial bloggers at one place! This was a Bloglovin agregator website, a new 'start-up' project which attracted more than 1mln. followers from all around the world and which I precipitated to join immediately.
It is easy to navigate there, so everyone can easily start folowing as many blogs as your majestic fab fag a$$es wish. And with Bloglovin it's absolutely unnecessary to browse several links to check the updates on your favourite blogs because the system renews the inner information itself. Have you joined Bloglovin, cuties? I did. Follow my blog there too!
I love y'all! Kiss each & every of your body cells!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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