If THIS is my regular pill intake at my early 26, what am I gonna end up with at my late 80-s?

I'm taking pills not to definetely get blind because of my worsening poor sighted view (darn computer is to blame!), I'm taking liquid medicine against dysbacteriosis, I'm taking pills against daily stress and migraine that I suffer from, I'm taking pills, and it seems to me that all I do is taking pills over and over again. I'd be the happiest man to get rid of them at all. But the reality is the older we are, the more pills we have to take. Do you call it fairness?

Scientists probably got their pants bedsored but they haven's found the f###ng St. Grail which would help us to stay young and beautiful forever!

I clearly remember my childish dreams about such kind of a pill which, as I supposed, would definetely be invented some day by some powerful clever mind who wears sunglasses with thick lenses which are lying on his thick nose - I saw them on TV - by the time I'd earn all money around the world and be able to buy this pill. I'd work hard, I'd do the impossible to get the magic pill.

But at the top of my youth I'm getting closer to the idea of that thick lenses can't help poor sighted scientists to reach their goal, in case they'd have got rid of their myopia to fing the Grail after that. And that my cherished dream won't come true and I'm born to get older and take pills. Don't get me wrong. I'm not that pessimistic! I'm just trying to please my child inside me who's still dreaming of that pill being invented some day and everyone around would stay young and beautiful. Forever!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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