Fashion escapade goes on

Do you remember that video with a hot bald guy starring in, who I had been following on my way home and posted his blurry image on Tumblr several days ago? That was my first 'love-conditioned' fashion escapade for it's not so easy, like it is in most European countries, just to ask a person that you liked to pose informally in front of one mere (but fabulous!) blogger's camera coz he/she might punch you or make you feel like a piece of crap. I'm ready for extreme for you, my dearest followers! I know this sucks, but there is nothing to do with it, coz it is a damn Russian reality, I dunno whether this is possible in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but in Krasnodar it seems absolutely impossible to do. For sure! That's why I'm obliged to take shots of people in secret from their butt back side, so that they couldn't see me shooting them. And lookie lookie what I've done! When I saw this guy I was really amazed, coz he looks so gentle and elegant in his coattailed jacket. I'm not sure his Gucci bag is fake or not (Ditto about his coa0t), but nevertheless he's standing out against of his background. Except me, of course! I hate everything fake. I think that if you can't afford an expensive original brand thing there are some alternative ways to look good so you have to choose them instead of buying countefeits. That's what I always do!

What about you, loves?

Post some comments about what you see, don' hesitate...hurry up! hurry up! I love you!

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Maurice Chabale


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