I'm not into politics, but....

I HAVE TO say that I am so bloody envious of those nerdy look like bitches who are handing docs in to the most powerful people in politics. I don't wanna do any political statements, but I LURVE Vladimir Putin so much, not that I love him like a male (like I do when it comes to David Beckham - forgive me, Victoria!!! - or Kaney West, or, Lord, forgive me too, Jason Statham and hoardes of other hot guys), I just respect him like a person, I like his way of behaviour despite what they're cackling around now and then (let alone I still disagree with some policies which concern human rights in the land of matryoshkafuckersandvodkalovers Russia).

Rants over! I'm so happy to hear the Breaking news about Crimea's having become a part of Russia again! Welcome back, holy land, it's been a long time! Say bye-bye to evil bastards who'd finally turned out to be losers with nothing on the plate. Now a new resort place is easier to go on holidays to have new aquaintances, yahoo!!! Now I know where to keep flaunting with my newly made swimwear that will cover my huge bollocks perfectly and make me so pretty as I am!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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