Late night taxi drive and MUZIK

That’s been the way of my life for the past few years to copletely avoid using of public transport since those terrible moments when I’d been as poor as a beggar on the Louis Vuitton Paris flagman store’s porch so I couldn’t afford taxis or a personal driver. Thanks to my parents who had decided to teach me a ‘value of money’ lesson. I was a really bad teenager, I have to say. So maybe I deserved a punishment. But for me using public transport is friggin’ worse than ‘witch boiling’ death coz I hate this cheap phone bragging of an ultimate parvenu or the one of people who are sitting next to MOI. I hate when someone invades in my personal space and reaches its borders more than at finger’s length. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a misanthrope, I like people in common. I like working with them. That’s what I’m daily bound about. And I do like it! Sometimes I like getting on a tram and riding a couple of blocks if it takes me to get somewhere more than 200 ft way long. It saves my chic soles from destruction coz they need to be really resistant to our pavements or whatchemcallit. But if you ever try a Russian “marshrutka” (better known in English as a shuttle bus) you’ll understand what I’m talking about. The impertinent interference which gets on your nerves, that’s it. 

The best solution to escape from the nightmare of using a bus is a taxi. Especially for such blondes in driving like I am. Yeah, it’s not that perfect either, but at least you can enjoy a priceless feeling of being on your own (if only a taxi driver is not an old bastard who thinks that the only thing you need in life is to listen to his talkie-talkie bullshit). Lucky I am to have normal young taxi drivers who respect me and leave me alone without getting me in talking after a hard working day.

Music is one more thing that I love while being driven in a cab.

I almost always ignore listening to the radio at home. But I don’t mind doing it if I don’t have my headphones on me.

God knows how ignorant and musically unversed I would be if I didn’t listen to the radio in taxis. I discovered lots of tunes that way which I had never known before. Thanx to the app installed in my tablet.

Today I was listening to two new nice sets by Max Romeo (‘Chase the Devil’) and by Matt Fear (‘Groove with it’). That’s the true inspiration for MOI! I love the beat…I love you! Share your music preferences and say that you LOOOVE ME!!! Sleep well.
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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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