Mon Yves!

Since they'd announced that a new film based on life of the best French couturier (after Christian Dior) Yves Saint Laurent is going to appear in the cinema theatres, I told myself that I'll be the first to watch the premiere. But little by little, being covered with all sort of things in my life that have happened so unexpectedely and wistfully, I forgot about my promise.

But better late than never. Am I right? Now I'm watching an old film about Yves St. Laurent (you know, that one, where his friend Pierre Bergé tells about their private life). I must be a fool if I've been ignoring the information about his geniousness till now. Frankly speaking, he has never been my fashion idol like John Galliano has, for example. But come on, my ignorance can be excused by a huge generation gap and some other things you'd better keep 'hush-hush' of. Now, of course, I can see, how undoubtedly genious Mr. Laurent was is, what an incredible person with an unimaginable farsight. Look at his dresses, and all those looks he created! OMG! I'm dreaming of my personal Mondrian dress right now. Okay, may be a T-shirt printed Mondrian will work for the summer too. But I can't find it on any respectable online shop. Then I'll have to ask my mom to handle it, as usual. Anyway, my personal designer will always be my favourite one (Mr. Van Noten, you still have a chance to push one aside, but don't tell my mom!) LOL.

Monsieur Laurent is obviously my type of person to be: shy, rebelious, contradictive, sometimes, - naughty. I'm sure he is my ancestor. How to explain our inner genious then?

Okay, I'm not genious like Him, maybe, but I'm doing a great job by adopting his style and throwing it into masses. Find ten differences. Mr. Laurent, go!!!!
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Now my turn, go!!!!

 photo credit: Anton Zvyagin

We have smth. in common, don't we?

I'm also so proud of MOIself that I still remember French, and can watch movies without subtitles (Gawd, I haven't practiced for ages). So, citizens of 'la terre du COCKQ Gaulois", e-mail me as soon as possible, and we'll arrange a BDSM skype session together. I'll be at your disposal all night long. He-he...

All I want to say that, you can be proud of such kind of people Yves St. Laurent belongs to, who used to breath the same air of French origin as you do. I'm dying of envy, you burring asslickers. I love y'all!

So, wait for the moment those bitches in French Ambassy approve my visa application, and we'll get together to shop around La Place Francois I in memory of St. Laurent The Great! But now just enjoy the movie. Sleep well, cuties. See you tomorrow!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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