My personal Women`s Day

My personal Women`s Day starts today with dozens of charmful tulips that I’ve bought on the market near my hood for the female part of my co-workers. Screw that I had checked my mail too late for I would have known about the business party having been cancelled earlier. Now I'm the one and only owner of eight wonderful bouquets of fresh flowers in my basin. I'm so excited!

Not that I'm a big fan of national holidays (except New Year, of course), I even naturally ignore the origin of the major part of theirs.

But I like the idea of getting flowers every 8th of March just to be treated apart from girls who are treated too. I know, I know what severe males would reply but I vote for no boundaries in gender roles especially when things concern celebration of whatever you wish. Who says that women can't get presents on the 23d of February, for ex., in Russia which is traditionally considered to be Men's Day. I know many women who serve in the army and they do get lots of presents this day. And isn't it a harder service of standing on duty over harth and home for 364 days in the year? Yes, of course!

So I wish you Happy Women's Day, ladies and gents! Buy as many flowers as possible and you'll see how life's gonna change for the better! I've already done this and I feel devinely happy. Now it's your trurn!!!
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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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