I'm pissed off. There is nothing worse than to get up at 12 AM bein' fresh and feelin' 100% healthy and not to find out your crusty mobile phone in the bag!!! You'll never believe what happened yesterday night. Hardly I knew that while writing the previous post about the advantages of taxi driving, my lovely cheap but good MTC phone with all 232 contacts in the list was lying on the Toyota backseat. Holy shit  crap!
I used to lose things. I lost them many times. God knows who were those lucky people who found my first Samsung laptop with a vanished plastic top, or hundreds of gloves and umbrellas which had been doomed to be lost one day. 
But it seems that it's a token when I decided to write that post yesterday paying hommage to the taxi driver who had the best taste in music I ever heard of in my entire life. I mean how then could you explain the fact that he called my mom himself to find out who was that stupid scatterbrain who'd forgotten his phone in the car?  
Btw he was so fu###n' attractive, that guy. He was about 30 y.o. He had short fair hair and a bit of facial hair. You know how down my knees are bent to the ground when I see men with a stubble.  
He was polite. And now there is one more positive trait reveiled. He's turned out to be a real gentle - man. I was about to get a virginity certificate and sell it to him therefore, when an angel on my right shoulder was like "Dew really wanna step aside every time he finds a new chick for an ONS (one-night-stand)?". I'm sure he's got one per night with his fierceness. Or he's married, so I don't want to become a family rival. Pardon my decency! So now you know how to buy my ass! LOL
Stupid asshole, I forgot to thank him. No,  of course I told him the sweetest 'thank you' with all my charms spreading around that I was able to, but I didn't buy anything. So I'm gonna buy something. Would ya help me, friends? May be a bottle of Veuve Cliquot or what...what...what? I have no idea!
If I could,  I would make him my personal driver and paid him thrice more than he used to get when taxi driving. 
So enough drama! I'm off to get a haircut. I need it badly!!!! Kiss you. Today I'm planning to get inspired and write something for my slavic speaking readers. 
I love all of you and you, yes, and you!!!! Send me love from overseas! 

Faithfully yours,
Maurice Chabale


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