Scream out a 'Big Yes' to Monsieur Yudashkin!

I dunno how abt you, cuties, but I'm hugely proud of what our personal Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfelds, Vera Wangs with a Russian "propiska" (read 'a living permit') keep doing! One of them, who apparently has no any international name to be compared with, the infamous Russian couturier Valentin Yudashkin gave birth to a new Fall/Winter 2014/15 collection. Let me introduce you to a full-length video by Fashion Channel .

I can't stop saying 'yes-yes-yes' to everything there starting from my adorable Pharell's soundtrack as a livestream catwalk accompaniment to very chic footwear pieces (why ain't I been born a gurl to wear all this pure luxury?) up to the ultimate look!

The fur coat on 2:45 min is a seasonal must have for Matryoskafuckas, a citizen of Russian megapolis. I can't wait for going to Moscow to try some of these pieces on. I'm bound to surf Valentin's website for now to let my pores sop the beauty online.


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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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