Thai lunch 

Spinach soup with salmon slices. Very delish despite looking meagrely!

I decided to come back to the things I got used to. New ones are good too, and I'll never cease trying something new every day and night (LOL) especially when it come to good food. Because y'all know how I like delicious food despite I hate cooking.

But there are some places in our city which buy you at once since the moment you step your foot on their porch. Here are some marks which you could use to identify a good place to have lunch in: the price list is adequate, you can eat fast there but it doesn't mean that you can't eat well or you'll be dissapointed with the food or service.

These places can be counted on one's fingers, but if as soon as they are spotted on the map of your town/city, you can decidely include them in your personal fashionista must visit list of places for centuries afore.

As for my city, I can recall some of such places: "РисЛапша" (They serve the best Philadelfia rolls), "Рис" (I usually order drinks there), "BalcanGrill" (Steaks ther are to die for) and some more.

I will write a special "where to eat" post for my lovely fashion gormand- mates. I promise! Now I feel extremely sleepy. That was a hard day for me! Really!

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