The most awful day in my life 

OMG, why oh why does this sh#t happen to me? Why can't I be a fortune - teller? If this is my Karma, I'd better sell myself into slavery for I'll have nothing to lose. Just kiddin'. Forget it!

Things had turned to the worst when I woke up at 9AM and found out that VOILA: there's no water in the tap, no electricity either! Thank my farsight, I had stocked some water in galoons beforehand and it wasn't dark in the street so I could use my tablet as a mirror to lotion my face (Yes, oui, si: I NEVER get out of my apartment without putting cosmetics on). Actually, this sh#t has been happening to MOI since I moved into this place I am now. And there is nothing worse than doing facial with cold water, not having taken a shower afore.

Friday is my official day-off, but I've got to do some freelance work (the summer is going to show up, you know, so I need loads of new things) for the last decade, so I can't f#ck up on my clients.

I had to grab my ass out. The weather is sh#ttier than my mood is. People seem to be ugly physically and mentally.

I've seen so many trash people for now, you won't believe me if I describe how trash they are. They are rude and tired of their miserable lives. Me too, BTW. Oh, where is my dark-skinned Prince Charming on BMW who'll drive me away to his Golden Gate villa at the seaside somewhere in a paradise-like island?

Revenons a nos moutons, though!

Well, it would have taken me god knows how much time to wait for the cab, so I'd got a bus and had I better taken that f###ing taxi coz public transport is always such a drama, especially in my country of matryoshkadollfuckersanddramalovers the "kindest people in da world".

I had only to take a seat wishing to catch up with my sleep, when my left ear detected a dissatisfied mumbling which belonged to an old lady in her early fifties (so she is not so old then, though she looked like a drunk whore). She begged for my seat, not anybody else's one but MY f##ing window SEAT warmed by my fab ass!!!! There was another woman next to me, so it took me to play good ol' acrobatic rider to leave the seat for the lady and to form in a row of faceless, badly smelling people crowding the bus. A gentleman inside MOI couldn't say no to her! Did I say that the old bitch went off after three stops though? Wish her all the best worst!

On my way home I encountered a late bloomer who was retelling his experiences in Chernobyl to his younger brother I guess, whatsoever. The thing is he was like a loudspeaker which they typically use at meetings to shitload the crowd. And everybody beside him, including ME, had to listen to his eloquent story about a woman who had been blown up the mine, and about himself escaping from a radioctive acvtivity whatchemcallit.

As soon as I arrived I got a message from my client that rain or sunshine she couldn't come. Shit!

I burst out crying out all the curse words I know right in the street.

Then I was in a terrible traffic jam.

I was terribly hungry so I decided to drop into a cafe near my hood and they served me a rotten meat. Can you imagine? One of the pieces was extremely dry and there were some hardly identified green spots in its fibres.

In fact, I felt an orgasm when I crossed my porch line. I was so happy to be at home.

The first thing I did was I took a shower, then I started surfing the Internet and look at the news I got found:

Photo credit: Мой город


This is an illustrated version of a fairy tale written by a young online author Sionella Petrova. She is well known for her 'innocent' infantile gay prose. Her name would be googled only by members of a tiny Russian speaking 'faggotrocious' community who like nighty night jerk-offs while reading something 'hot' (say hi to Paris Hilton from MOI coz I like this word too!!!) if only some stupid guys from the National Kazakhstan Ministry of Education had learnt Russian ABC better not to confuse Z and S. Instead of a Russian poet Zoe Petrova 's name they mentioned the one of Sionella in the yearly reccomended extra home reading list. Ha-ha! Ain't it funny?

I understand those stupid precautious homophob parents though, who had been 'shocked' Their stress was heavier than mine though! That makes me relieved. INDEED. JK! ))))

I'm off, darlings! Forget my exhaustion! Love y'all!!!

If you're shy enough to send me some words of love, then send me something material of not less than US100$ worth. Contact me to get my address! I'll update later when I get rid of my daily stress! Chao...Bisous!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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