Throwback: Sochi 2012

I adore this photo! It was made in Sochi in 2012 I guess, and it was one of the happiest moments in my entire life.

But first things first. Before arriving to Krasnodar to resolutely settle down there I had been determined to move for Sochi. Why? First, it might sound stupid, but the year before MOI and my ex - best friend (who I broke up with some months ago) had been wax fortune-telling (don't blame me 4 this plz!) and I got a magician riding on a dolphin's back as a symbol of my future place of destination. So I read it literally. Yeah! (Sorry my being blondie!) You don't beleive me? Watch yourself then! As there is no sea in Krasnodar it seemed logical that I'd move for the capital of the upcoming Winter Olympic Games 2014 which is actually at the seaside. For I had included the city in my wishlist just before the 'diabolesque' procedure took place.

But if only things could be so simple. Fortune ditto bit my arse hard.

I'll omit some details about my private life which resulted me to the following: instead of living a happy, pretty careless life in Sochi in 2011 just after my final University graduation, I ended up going there by car with people I had hardly known, with all my money been stolen from my super- tuper Ermenegildo Zegna brown leather purse.

If only I could read signs correctly, I could have escaped from being cheated by my ex-employer in Sochi (a fucking bitch originally from Khazahstan turned out to be a criminal who had been enrolled in the international wanted list and faked her documents to cheat on poor people like MOIself. She'd owed me a quarterly royalty for my EXTREMELY hard job that I'd made while teaching over 100 people at that time. Remember the bitch's face).

I was about to be devoured by the deepest depression when I met Dima & Idar from Vladikavkaz, the South Ocetia. We'd been having really happy times together for about a decade. That's when the photo above had been made. Now I understand that this is not just a good photo but also a good sign which turned my life for the better. Look at the splashing water around me and my graciously rebellious slim arms, and a smiling face. All this is screaming: "F##ck bad luck! I'm gonna be happy since the moment!". So now I know from my experience, that you shouldn't trust unwarrantedly to anyone you're not sure in, you're prohibited to be naive, and real friends aren't extinct species indeed! I miss you, guys!

Feel free to share some experiences from your life, cuties! 'Epistola non erubescit' as they say! I love

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


Tra Mi Nguyen said...

Cool snap.

Maurice Chabale said...

thank you, dear!

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