Tweet-tweet from Zara with love

MOI, like most mere middle-class mortals, am obsessed with what Zara offers at their stores all ova the world, even if it's a Kuban hole (Don't cast the blame on MOI for my words, better say thanx to Zara!).

And I was all wholehearted from head to toes, when I taught one of my fav. lessons from New English File Elementary about Amancio Ortega and his gorgeous chain stores, and I said that if I could I'd have bought all Zara Women pieces from 2013 spring/summer collection, and 50% of ones from fall/winter Zara men. I didn't lie.

Actually, I forgot when the last time I went shopping was, for I've been bound up with loads of work for these days, and I particularly don't go out. (I'd better be tortured by a gang of black 'ghaaaaanstas' than deprived of shopping for decades!!!).

But my beloved friends do shopping for my sake (they are taught not only good Rushlish, but the way how to look fab too. Guess who's the teacher?). LOL

Look what I got from one litl birdie yesterday night. BAAAM:

I couldn't believe that ZARA has made this piece of art!!! I mean they are creative and blah-blah-blah, but everyone knows that they copy non-fast fashion brands' trends. That's not bad or good, but it obviously stops you from wiping everything on their stalls off. This coat even doesn't look like having been produced by the couture retailer. I would believe if someone originally from Peru, or the Urals in Russia tailored it, but not a Spanish manufacturer.

When a slim girl who's wearing this coat graciously steps in the class you are like: "OMG I've made my downs creampy". I think this is really Audrey H. So gracious, so purely divine that it's like you're wearing a summer paradise on your shoulders which is spreading over right down to your chicken knees.

I'm scared that I'd be shot in head right after I dare to put on this coat out. Ok, I'll just be admiring it every time she visits my classes. That might be better. I guess.

What do you think of it? Who's yr fav retailer? E-mail me or post some comments down the post. I love y'all!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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