Voila: Do you like my new haircut?

I'm back from the barber's near my hood. To tell the truth I have never been trembling over each and every hairs fallen off my head.

My aunt had used to watch my head before I moved. I haven't been sticked to any salon since then and preferred to visit one which was the nearest to the place I live.

As I have to change places every now and then like a mere Gypsy till they finish renovating my apartment, I'm obliged to be at different barber's every month.

I've been to cheap and posh beauty salons (sometimes they were unwarrantably expensive). So I have something to compare between two types.

The one I've just been to was as cheap as chips. I paid only 300R. And frankly speaking I couldn't feel the difference between this time and the time when I visited a salon in the city center where I'd left a quarter of a monthly revenue. Okay, may be less, but it's still expensive.

I don't regret anything, but I've just caught myself at the following: "Could I get more valuable experience of understanding what simple people live for in the expensive beauty salon than that I'd got in the cheap one earlier". My answer is NO, NO WAY!

When I stepped in the cellar - like room painted loathsome pink, three gossipers sitting on a blue couch immediately turned their attention to my zipped laquered jacket which I jauntily wore on my shoulders.

One of them showed me on a hairdresser chair with a slight inviting move of her head, so I sat down and decided not to take a peek, coz I'd got such a strange feeling compared to one when you feel confused after having done something which grabs at once lots of people's haterdeness. I mean I don't care what people think of me. But sometimes the grade is so high that you think it's better to resign epatage with the view of staying alive. LOL

She was lavishing care upon my head so that I was about to fall asleep when I heard that disgusting stupid idle talk about the last news from Ukraine. I mean what can be more stupid than two stupid hairdressers discussing politics? They had been retelling what they'd heard on TV overnight for fuckin' half an hour that I spent in the salon. And I was like: "OMG, save me from these stupid whores. PLEEEEASE!!!": And they were so fuckin' precise, subjectively critical and sure in what they were telling as if they'd spent a night at Maydan, or in bed with Mr. Putin or Mr. Klichko. I won't express my political views coz it's my business like it's ditto my business when it comes to a person I share bed with. But I think it's unfair to criticize someone or gossip about something you have no idea of!!!!!!! Ain't I right?

That's why I hate some TV channels and I hate people who watch dat piece of crap and allow their TV presenters to be fooled like damn stupid bastards with no brain cells inside their heads. Let me cheel....

Maurice, relax, control yr breath, one-two-one-two...slowly...yeah, that's right!

I just mean this is just like breaking me up.

People are fooled by the media in this country. It might be Okay if they were just fooled unconciously and that's it, but the worse thing is that they want to be fooled or they are incapable of confronting the evil which is daily streaming forward them. I feel blue again. Gotta go out to buy some sweets. Who's gonna join me? yey...

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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