Where to go? I dunno...

I have been tarrying over going to get my international passport for fu##ng half a year for I'm just terrified because of queueing in lines for ages. Did I say anything about century lasting traffic - jams in this pit that I have to bear every day, and that I'm completely fed up with? Everything is so slow in my damn but gorgeous TERRA TERRIBLE of matryoshkafuc##ersandvodkalovers.

There are two ways of getting the permission to go abroad and they are both so time-grabbing, leave alone getting visas coz it takes thrice more time.

Why do I need a visa?

I REALLY REALLY want to go somewhere, just some place in the middle of nowhere which lies beyond Russian borderlines. Oh please, PLEASE, please take me anywhere out of here!

Some people keep telling me that before going abroad I have to visit as more places in Russia, which are worth visiting, as possible. I know it without their stupid preaches, Russia is a magic country. Tourists from different places are eagerly striving for visiting St. Petersburg and Moscow more than any other city in the world. I'm so proud of this.

But come on, for a mere liegeman of fashion as MOI, Russia will always stay a place which can wait till I'm toying around the infamous fashion capitals like Paris, Milan, London.

In addition to the Fashion Blessed Trinity (frankly speaking I feel relatively neutral about all of them), I'd like to visit some exotic countries more than that, whereas they have interesting and tolerant people to hang out with, enough gorgeous backgrounds where I may swagger wearing my newly - tailored clothes, and thousands of fashion events to pop in.

Till I haven't got the passport I thought I could just make a simple plan and ratiocinate about the subject of where to go on holidays.

I don't know when I'm gonna have holidays but F##it!


Till the moment I got an aquaintance with a Turkish guy, I've always tried to ignore this country because unfortuately it had been defaced by uveruse by some of my friggin' compatriotes. I guess every Russian whose income wabbles between 800$ - 3000$ per month has been in Turkey at least once in his life, because it's cheap, it's close to Russia, and there is SEX SEX SEX all over the place. This county is said to smell sex. That's one of the reasons I'd like to go there. May be there I'll at last find my bald dark skin love match with full blown facial hair?! JJ (Just jokin').

My friend I've just mentioned about is not this kind of a guy physically, but he's a very kind, generous, friendly person I've ever met in my entire life, and if every Turkish guy is like him I bet my chances bein' up to 100 out of 1000%.

Add to the mentioned above authentic cuisine (which is said to be super wonderful too), good hotel service, markets with genuine Turkish fabrics, clean sea, Pamukkale, and lots of fun at the national nightclubs. Plus I'd like Turkish Fashion Week to be the first Fashion Week in my life! Yes, I'm not kidding: not Paris, not Milan, not London, even not Brazilian Fashion Week but Turkish one. Why? Because one of my favourite designers Umit Benan is originally Turkish. It's my personal hommage to his greatness!

BTW have you read the article by Isabella Burley about Mr. Benan in Dazed & Confused dated back October 2013? This is when I fell in love with his works. Thank you, Isabella Burley for the one another life - long lasting love in my life.

So, enough copliments for now. What do we have here then?


The only reason I wanna go there is 'infants terribles' from Antwerp: Walter Van Beirendonck, Ann Demeulemeester, Dirk Bikkembergs, and of course, Dries Van Noten.
I had loved all of them before my mother gave me a birth, be sure! OMG! All of them are the most talented designers in their segment, they are graduates from the best fashion educational venture ever - Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine Arts. And I'm complimenting it not because entering there is my # 1 dream (Okay, happy marriage in a white suite by John Galliano goes first). Secondly, Belgium is closed to Paris, so I can kill two birds with one stone if I go there. And it's a gay friendly country yet, that's very important.


This country is "a bubbling, bustling melting-pot of races and religions where Malays, Indians, Chinese and many other ethnic groups live together in peace and harmony" as it's said on the Malaysian government's official portal. And this is just great! Asian people own an exceptionnaly good taste in clothes. Approved by thousands of streetstyle blogs I browse every day!

I would like to continue with my studies abroad and getting the second diploma in Malaysia would be nice for studies there are cheaper compared to ones in Europe. And it will be eligible in many European countries. Look at the prices here.

One of my co-workers went to travel around Asia and she was at a loss of words when speaking about shopping in Malaysia. She bought some cool totes by some national designers You can imagine how I envied her!!!

Thailand, Vietnam, Africa, South America (Peru, Venezuela, San Juan)

Three of them go in one pack of biscuits because I'm considering these places only as stand - bys, if the variants listed above will f#ck on me for some reasons.

Maybe, I've already mentioned about my strong wish to become a volunteer in a developing country. If not, so I'm making a statement now.

I woud really love to contribute to the society by helping people who need not only my help, but many other people's help, and yours, and yours, and even yours! I don't have ambitious plans about this stuff, but I would be very pleased to do what I am able to do. Besides, adventures in one of the represented countries promise to be unforgettable.

I dunno how exactly yet, but I'll figure it out.

I'll have to contact some volunteer organizations like Peacecorps, TeachAbroadThailand, Nameintern, GlobalVolunteers, i-to-i, VWIS, WorldTeach, ESL and some more as soon as I get my documents.


I decided to visit this country right after I had watched my favourite film ever - a 2002 Brazilian crime drama film Cidade de Deus by Fernando Meirelles. Frankly speaking, I had got the idea of studying Portuguese much earlier. But my lazy ass is to blame I ended up having the one and the last in my life online course from Miss Always-looking-like-a-brazilian-goddess Gisele Bündchen on YouTube.

Then I once found this video clip (inspired by Meirelles' film) by an English electronic music quartet Rudimental. I died. I swear I haven't deleted this song from my playlist for two years and kept on listening it again and again without getting tired of it.

So Brazil is my dream. I will go there rain or ....rain. This is just the question of time.

Besides, I heard one of Brazilian street artists collaborated with Banksy. Would love to see their work. Dew ya know anything abt this collaboration?

Okay, enough with aimless dreaming. First things first, I have to get those damn docs!!!!! Let it cost me getting up at 7AM and huge bags under my beautiful every day chameleon - like eyes.

What do ya all think about it: Turkey, Malasya, Brazil, Europe or Thai? E-mail me about your experiences with pieces of advice. I'll be glad to get into your vivid panel discussion.

I love y'all, sleep well!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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