Window shopping

I had a gap between my working hours today, so I decided to go for a walk despite gloomy weather outdoors, and to go window shopping as I've already spent too much for the current moment. Oh boy, if only I could spend less....

I liked the way they decorated a shop-window at EXCELSIOR very much:

 Frankly speaking,  I'm thrilled to get in there, coz they have a very unhospitable atmosphere IMHO, as if  you know, they'll turn my fgly fab ass away,  the very exact moment I'll  dare to make a step towards this luxury store with all my ghetto looks. 
I guess this fear comes from those times when I was about seven y.o., MOI and my mother popped in a Versace boutique in St. Petersburg (I still remember a marquee - like yellow building hidden deep in the trees), and the shop-assistants from there turned their looks on us the way,  as if we had been  mice destined to be fed to some street cats from a trash bin. 
I've had a dream since then: Imagine MOI, proudly parading inside one of these posh places,  wearing all my fabulousness made in PradaDiorArmaniCouture Kingdom, trying everything they have on, making those b##ches treat me like a f###ing mother bee,  and then leaving with nothing more than  a trivial thingie on my limb. 
Just kidding. Let's stop these stupid complaints of a ghetto middle class worth. Queens don't misbehave, right? 
 On my way back I noticed a wonderful dress at SOBRANIE, look here:

 Let's get it closer a bit:

I know, I can't wear this floral explosion on my skinny bones, but maybe my female cute sistArs would think of buying this dress for the spring is being in its full height! So here I am to help! If you think it's tasteless, shut up, coz you don't understand anything, ANY-THING, though I'd transform it a bit myself by removing the top part,  and leaving just a fluffy skirt. What do you think? 
Then I went to my favourite RISLAPSHA  place and tried some pieces from their renewed menu:


I didn't make a photo of what I had there, but believe me - whatever you order at this place, it's good and bloody cheap!

So, thanks 4 your attention, Pappa's going to bed now. More applause, PLZ!!! I love y'all. Stay tuned.

See you tmrw! LOVE...

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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