You work it hard (you work it): search for your life lessons in song lyrics!

By following my inner intuition I've found an answer to the burning question which has been persuing me for ages:   "What's ya next step, baby?"

And you won't believe me if I reveal the name of a person who's helped a lot!
 Press NEXT
Miss Charming -  Swen Stefani!!!! Welcome!
I instinctively googled her name, found her Twitter account, added her in my Friends list, made a "what's new" kind of research,  and found out the video named "Push & shove". Maybe I'm not the most responsible fan of hers (not only of hers, actually LOL), in case I would have found that video much earlier (anyway, Omnia tempus habent ), but sometimes I feel like to turn back to the past years to reminiscence some happy moments where music has always been like a life - turning background. There are some performers I'll never stop to love, coz they are a big part of my life. Gwen is the forward in the list.
What I'm speaking about is that at one point, everyone who doesn't belong to a "lazybone" -  "sluggard" -  "bloodsucker" -  "coachpotato" sort of thing will resolutely be standing at the crossroad,  being ready to choose their own way in life.
I'm standing there now. It hurts. But thank Gwen Stefani, her song did a good turn to me.

"Step up to the plate

No underestimate

No, never play it safe

No relax"

Isn't it a life proclaimer? 
I'm so obsessed with the rhythm. Look at Gwen's Arlequin chessboard-like coat, it must be mine!!!! 
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Maurice Chabale


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