Krasno is not a cesspit as it all may seem

My office is situated at the top floor of one of those shopping centers which flood the city center. Nothing special except a room of the official Italian Embassy where one can get a visa to visit the land of hot Italian muscle studs and a bedding shop by Blumarine where I've found nice sheets for my new bedroom (no silk coz silken sheets are for posh losers who ignore the meaning of the word 'comfort'!!!!).

Those have been the same trivial working hours till the moment I noticed some chicks in brand super tuper cool 'fringues' going back & forth in front of my panorama windows in my office. They are made of A class glass so that I could contemplate the exterior. Screw that they open to a neighbourhood office where a couple of nerds work. They wear shabby clothes, they never take their cheap caps off, they have beards just like the same ones which Norvegian loggers have.

So one of the girls had a stunning Cow leather & Chevre Birkin 35 Green Shine bag. I don't know whether it was a counterfeit or not but the woman looked like a good blond cocks#cker who can afford the Birkin bag because she had probably earned money by doing a good job with her bubble lips & butts.

The other one was a tall beautiful woman in her thirties. She wore high - heel Louboutins. G.O.D, they were so high so that the image of the Eiffel Tower immediately came up through my mind. And which was also etched in my mind, a high waisted amphora shaped mini skirt embellished with Sicilian Moor print by Dolce & Gabbana!!!!!

photo credit:

Mamma Mia...I would die for that skirt! JK

I've always thought that it's absolutely impossible to see somebody wearing Louboutin or Dolce all the more so. I assure you, there's zero chance of this happening in the land of white distended tummies. That's what I used to think but now I'm sure that I'm not alone and there are other normal people who like dressing up as much as MOI.

Enough envious rambling thoughts.

Here's my late night inspiration - city lights. If I could I would print them on a piece of fabric and sew V-neck tops. Let it be China silk.

I was shooting this short video while getting home by taxi, of course! Thanks God I had a silent driver this time. He was as taciturn as Guérassime from Moumou (a very famous novel by a Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev).

Another inspiration is the cover page of STOLNICK magazine. I love it!!! I'm lovin' it! See how cool these stripes are. What if I cover my new spring coat with them? Not exactly the same I want, but let it be some paysan life miniatures, or Medieval fightinig knights, or yellow geese, for example. Don't forget to mention my name if you decide to do the same with your coat!!! That's my idea!!!!

I love y'all!!! Tell me that you love me, my mln dolla sluts!!!! Sweet dreams.

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale

A guy with an awkward gait, United Colors of Benetton white tote bag, my famous readers, broken promises

I didn't go to the exhibition cause I didn't find any worthy favorable reviews online. Not that I tend to follow majority opinion, but I trust people's opinion if I hesitate somehow.

My inner voice is now telling me: "Stop lying, bitch, you were just a lazy-bone who didn't want to drag your ass out!"


That's not my only sin during the week. Forgive me, Father, Lord - I've committed a crime against MOIself and my shiny guts.

Look what happened at Easter:

5 minutes later:

Yes, you're right. It was a crusty fat chicken galore at night. Broken promises, no mercy!

Now I'd have to sentence myself to no shopping till the end of time.


I'd better commit a suicide by letting a little prick pierce my anus or by joining Zhirinovskiy's party where I'm sure there are lots of little pricks. Wanna join me? Translate this street ads I shot some time ago then:

You better look who I encountered yesterday morning:

Ha-ha, this guy is just something extraordinary. I always have fun when I see macho-machos a la straight uncut prick owners crossing my way. They're so cute... Just lewk at the way he's walking. His arms work better than boaters who paddle the river.

I don't care what you think about following people and shooting them from their back coz my Twitter is followed by a famous writer. Watch:

I'm so f##ing pleased!

BTW, I went to Benetton on Krasnaya St. yesterday at lunchtime. I was so surprised to find lots of things for the upcoming summer. I darted my eyes around its floors, both men's & women's corners. And the most precious thing was this white tote bag. OMG, this is not even leather, but it costs abt 3400 roubles. Am I losing taste, but I'm in love? (Sorry, but I can't turn these photos down!!!)

It's simple and noble. It's white. The white is the new black this season. Don't forget!

There are some more pieces, choose one for ya:

This anorak is amazing. The color is divine. 

Love the color. You can find this 100% coton thing in the Men's Underwear.

Nice revolutionary print. Mix it with the anorak to match colors

 Floral ambudance will wurq perfectly in the jungle of Malasia. (P.S:  Are there jungles in Malasia?) LOL

Miss Hepburn would love this coat. Wear it with my fav tote....

That's all for now...Wait for the new updates, my darlings!!! I love y'all...
Don't forget to e-mail me and say that you love me...Don't be shy!!!

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Maurice Chabale

"Money should be spent here & now...."

How are you doing, boys and girls, sexy models, gay twink males, chubby mature money bags and many others? It's been a long tiring week, right? Actually it hasn't finished yet, but tomorow I'm gonna have a day-off. I've planned to go to an exhibition which name I'd prefer to keep in secret for now. So, I'll report about it tomorrow, if I decide to go (read like if I'm able to find something respectable in my closet). /oink-oink/

Have you heard the last, but not least news from the Ukraine? Now we Russians are banned to visit this country. Ha...Who's dissapointed in da club? I can only hear the voice of cheap faux Louis Vuitton bags' lovers and second-hand dealers. Well should we ban anything for Ukrainian people 'en revanche'? Let's say, going to Russian Fashion Week, for example? No. Performing on the Russian stage? No. Now your turn...

But I think we should just accept it till very masculine Mr. Lavrov copes with this problem. I know, you're mostly into fashion thing, but not into politics? But there is a relation between two things. The global economy! Think about it. I won't get into details, but you can figure out perfectly what I mean. Start with a currency exchange...

But revenons a nos moutons. Let's speak about beauty. Have you seen a new video by Renata Litvinova. If you don't know who she is you must be living on a different planet. She is the queen of Russian art-house!!!! I adore art-house!!! I've always wanted to be such an individual like her. There is a short list of

women I used to copycat in my childhood. I copied everything: their voice, their manners, their statue etc. I failed of course, cause they were inimitable. Renata Litvinova is one of those women. She's very special.

She's chic. She's strong-willed. She's talented. That's enough for being a contemporary icon. Agree?

Besides, we have smth. in common. I agree with her statement in the short movie that money should be spent here & now (sounds funny, but my left palm fells like itchy while I'm writing this phrase) or they'll dissapear immediately. Money are created to enjoy all the good things that life's bringing. Screw the fact you're poor...It's better to die in poverty POWERty after having savoured the best things in life, than one day realize that you've been saving money for all your life, but you hadn't felt happy a minute because of some Ukrainian bullsh#t on da plate (JK). It's up to you to choose things which make you feel happy. As 4 me, it's travelling, permanently changing situation in my garde-robe (read at least 10 new items a month), job and my hobbies which are worth some investment. Shall I mention Birkin bags, a villa in Miami, my label, 5 Top - rated Michelin Star restaurants to have lunch in, a Chrysler Aspen for weekdays, and an Audi R8 Spyder for going out? So narrow - minded, but I don't care...

Enough vapid chat. Let's enjoy beauty.

And one more thing: I'm dying... I want Rado badly...

Yesterday I went to Sparks, it's a new cafe on Krasnaya St..

Actually, I liked their interior design inspired by Elvis & Marylin, and all that pin-up thing, can't say the same about their food, coz I ordered nothing but a salad with garden rockets. I'm on a diet, remember?

I want my slim arms to be as muscleless by constrast with ones of a muscle - bound guy from the video titled "What Do You Think About Obama Supporting Gay Marriage"!

See ya later, my fashion lunatics! I LUUUURVE YOU!!!

Blue cotton slim size pants H&M, blurry striped top by Elena Lichutina, snickers by T.Taccardi, grey vintage jacket (used as a coat). BTW, I know that I wear too much of H&M. But even the legendary Tavi Gevinson started with it. Look at her first posts!!! There must be a long way from H&M to Chanel, baby! Nevertheless, I love H&M badly!

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Maurice Chabale

Estet fashion Week 2014 with love

So MFW is over, but Moscow never sleeps, especially fashion Moscow! That's why Estet Fashion Week 2014 is upcoming soon.

The 7th season, four days, more than 23 participants. Here's a bit of fashion arithmetic.

Let's play 'who is who' game now.

I'm doing this not just because I think that a statement "the curiosity killed a cat" is false, but mostly because of it's just interesting to get to know new faces from the world of fashion.

I love discoverying something new. Who knows, maybe one day, I'll be the one who'll discover new Kate Moss or John Galliano. And everyone will start to play "lovin' lovin' MOI" game! What? Though we don't need copycats, I'd love to give a hand to a big talent when needed.

Fashion Name #1 

                         Photo credit:

Elegant collections created by Mr. Hayari whose fashion house is based in PARIS (!!!!) are loved by top models and princesses of all sorts. His attires of genuine beauty smell classic, but scent pure luxury at the same time. I love this black garment on "Mrs World and Mrs Russia" Alisa Krylova (0:12 min).

Fashion Name # 2

A fashion designer behind the Gatti Nolli Couture Maison is originally from Lebanon, so you can easily feel a touch of the heart of Beirut in vintage evening gowns he creates year after year.

This is the best piece by Gatti Nolli Couture I've found on just for 4000$:

Fashion Name #3

Fawzi Nawar

Estet Fashion Week is well known for its "thematical days" where one theme is chosen and all the collections are adjusted to it. I think that if we speak of Fawzi Nawar, "oriental resort" is the right word for his attires rich in ornamentations, light fabrics, national prints.

Pity that I can't come, but may be next time...I'll stay tuned anyway. I love y'all, sugarbabes. 

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Maurice Chabale

Moscow Fashion Week: from Alexader Arutyunov to Igor Chapurin 

I'm officially declaring that since now I'm gonna stop pigging out and put myself on a strict, low - fat diet. EPIC! That means that if I wanna shine bright on the most fascinating beaches around the world from Kuala Lumpur to Cambodia, from Turkey to Puerto Rico, from Crymea to Sochi, I'll have to deprive myself from 3 bars of milk chocolate a day which are equivalent to 300gr (or maybe not equivalent, but I don't care, coz I'm a damn fool in maths) of my favourite sweets called "Umka - Konti" (produced in Ukraine) that I hardly blinked at eating yesterday night. No more pâté, no more milk, no more barbeques, no more sweetmeat, only a rib of celery is my best friend! I'm dead serious about that! And it's not said just for being said. I mean it!

Where is fashion whereas there's an ugly paunch developed on my lean body?

I don't want to look like pregnant Kim Kardashian lounging poolside (though she looked beautiful on these photos, if you have Kim's speed dial, please tell her, that there's one Russian ghetto boy obsessed with fashion and her majestic beauty, I'm not kiddin').

It's really hard to keep fit when you work so hard as I do, when you come back at midnight and the only thing you dream of is a huge bloody steak with a glass of red wine. I'm not that kind of bloggers who blog just to kill time because they have everything in life and they wanna make profit just out of one another profitable MONEYLANDIA kind of source, I'm living for fashion! I admit that I can't afford myself anything but loads of lettuce, kilos of fruits, litres of yogurt, fresh juice, and some fresh fish fillets anymore in my life. The only thing I'll never give up doing is eating my favourite Philadelphia light rolls.

Ok, let's stop this culinary pr#stitution!

Let's speak about my stuff for I haven't posted enries for about a week or so. Pardon my busy @ss, cuties!

When blogging becomes my main business, I promise to update more often with more qualified content and more authentic pictures.

You won't believe me if tell you what has happened to me!

I've lost my passport! I know that I'm the epitome of irresponsibility when it comes to my belongings, I'm indeed a King of Lost Things!!! Check it: lost Samsung laptop in October 2011, lost Nokia mobile phone in August 2013, lost H&M gloves in December 2014. Don't get me started and mention an uncountable number of lost umbrellas, silver chains, hats, keys and so forth. Ha-Ha. But it might have been funny till I got realized that I had lost the most important document in my life! (Okay, maybe my first press-pass to Moscow Fashion Week would be more important to me than my passport, so please tell Alexandra Roshchuk and all those guys who work for that I don't own a company, I don't have index, and I don't want to complete a monthly ACR (audience coverage rate) column, but I urgently need to go to MFW, or Mercedez Fashion Week next year. This is a matter of life and death). So I was about to go to the police station to be charged 2500RUB and to apply for a new passport, I even resigned myself to the idea of at least 2 heart attacks, high blood pressure, insane migraine that would be waiting for me on the way while the new passport was being done.

All that bullsh#t literally becomes your cursed loop when you're bounded to Russian red tape.

So lucky I am to be surrounded by kind people around. They supported me with kind words, they said not to panic and to try to remember where I might leave my passport. I followed their advice. Though my apartment had become a mess after I had turned everything upside-down there, thanks God, I found it yesterday. I literally got 3 orgasms at a time after this windfall. I'm sure this is divine intent which helped coz it was Palm Sunday Eve.

Enough drama!!!

Let's speak about fashion instead...

MJ is alive! 

He will stay alive in my heart forever! I miss you, Michael. We all do! I have never been such a big  fan of any performers but you! (Okay - okay I just couldn't mention the names of  George Michael, Junior boys, Madonna, T.a.t.u, Eva Polna I love too). 
Glad that you keep blessing us with all your inner light, and your music! I've listened to this track hundreds of times since I've found it on Youtube through the 'Perfect Day Off' blog I follow.  Enjoy!!!

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Maurice Chabale

Ugly 'taxi driver' incident or how Chanel can save you from feelin' blue. 

I can't help but repeat over and over again how I hate transport system in this f#kin' city of nowhere where traffic jams which may particularly block you on the road for no less than 3 hours (proved by personal experience) is like a 'normal' situation. Which is, of course, ABNORMAL by nature, coz Okay, let's admit there are horrible traffic jams in the other capital cities, but they at least have their own Undergrounds, so where is ours I wonder?

And it's not the last symphony of evil when it comes to roads here. Look at the fugly pavements, even in the city center, leave alone stupid, rude, fat tram conductors, full shuttle-buses (the last one I saw was so damn full, so that I literally could behold asses hanging out of the windows with my own eyes!) and yadda yadda yadda.

I've been able to find comfort only in cabs since till I can't drive or afford a personal driver (BTW, I'm thinking' of hiring my dunce younger brother when he's at the age of f#ckability relative maturity to get a driver's licence) LOL.

I've been using cabs for ages. There are f#ck-ups with them too, but it's much better than a public transport, hands down! Walking a thorny path of using cabs, I learnt how to make your driver not smoke inside, not open windows when it's freezin' out, not talk to me after a hard working day.

Unfortunately, they hire immigrants in most cases. I'm not racist. I don't think of other people at all, pardon my egocentrism! But when it comes to my personal comfort which is commonly (I dunno occasionally or not) broken by impudent natives of Cockasus Mountains, I absolutely don't give a sh#t about PC, tolerance or whatsev. Here are 2 stories of my life related to some bad incidents while using cabs:

Story # 1

Once I took a cab to get to work. It was rather distant place which I absolutely didn't know how to find the way to. Actually, not exactly, I knew half of the way, so I took a tram first, then I took the cab. So the cabbie was a greasy hairy son of a bitch who seemed to be nice at first sight, he started to talk to me (which I hate in most cases), so I tried to be polite and was obliged to listen to his dirty jokes about some whores (I'm not lying!) he used to meet while he's been married and had a son, all way long. I still remember his anecdote he was telling while I was cursing myself for I had forgotten my headphones at home! (I guess my translation won't make it justice to make you laugh, so let's omit it then, but believe me, it was one of those dirty anecdotes one can hear in a sauna full of straight sweaty males or in barracks full of hot recruits which doesn't make a difference there coz it's the same sort of repulsiveness! But f#ck it!

To cut a long story short, this Armenian guy (I guess he was Armenian, but I'm not sure coz I can't identify the nation of a person if I never saw him/her on the American Vogue cover. So, Chechens, Dag(h)estani, Adyghe people, Armenians, all of them are of the same type to me! But no, Chechens make an exception, coz I'm a huge fan of their culture! It's great! He charged me thrice after I lied him that I hadn't been the local guy. I was born in a different city, but I've lived in Krasnodar enough to be aware of the local taxi cab fares. So troubled I was when he started to explain that he 'd had to change the way because of the traffic, I said I didn't care, but I paid him the sum he required. I thought: "Okay, son of a bitch, you'll pay four times in your life for being that greedy" and went off.

Story # 2

I was bloody nervous and tired coz the entire day was like a black cat's crossed my path. So in the end of the day I left my office and went straight on the road towards the tram station to catch my last tram. The weather was good and I wanted some fresh air through my brain cells, so I ran through the park which was on the way there.

I had talked to mom on the phone till the clock stroke 11. The last tram came, so the moment I was getting inside, they announced that the tram had to change its way. That meant that I could get only a half of my way home. I left the tram after a couple of stops. Now I had to call the taxi cab service, but my charger had died before I got inside the tram. Thanks God, I had my Android on me, so I downloaded an app to call the taxi online.

I didn't have cash on me, so I popped a 24-hour supermarket nearby and took some money out of the ATM. The application announced that my car's arrived. So, I left the supermarket, got inside the car. There was an Adyghe old man in there. I said 'hello' wearily. He didn't answer. We advanced toward my street, but after a couple of blocks we found out that the way had been blocked.

Then we had the following conversation which resulted us to a huge argument between:

- "Where to?" - he seemed to flaunt his accent.

- "To X Street, - I answered"

- "I know that you need X Street, but the way is blocked, can't you see?" - he replied agressively.

- I can, but I don't know the way you should know, shouldn't you? - I said as calmly as I could trying to fight against my sleepy eyelids.

- Who should know the way? - he asked archly.

"What a stupid asshole" - I thought, but perferred to keep silent instead. He turned to the right. I was sure he had known the way, he just didn't want to exert has ass.

After a minute or so he restarted his intrusion:

- You think that if I'm a taxi driver....

I didn't let him finish his train of thoughts:

- ...that means that if you don't know the way, you should find another one, coz your job is to take a customer to the place he/she needs for he/she pays money for that! - I retorted insolently. I was sure that I was right in this situation! I'm always right, ain't I? )))

He looked at me as if he wanted to kill me. I'm not joking! He was so irritated.

- I may throw you out right now! Where to go, I'm asking you?!- he barely yelled at me.

- Okay, let me out near that shop - I pointed to the familiar destination point, though I knew that it would take me 20 minutes or so to get home on foot from there. But I wasn't intended to continue arguing with the douchebag anymore, so I wanted to get out of his banger as soon as possible!

- You keep talking of money, money, money!

There's no calming at the front seat where the driver's sitting. I can hear his anger boil his veins.

He seemed to have had some bad experience with despicable metal, for sure. He thought that I was one of those white rich spoilt kids who despise people because of their casta. He thought I was a superior, I was a god just because I own more cash that him!

Maybe my last phrase about the payment sounded like that, but I didn't mean it, for it's hilarious to compare me with those rich hobos (hardly he knows I'm flattered though). Nevertheless, I don't care abt his complexes! Now I know that I look great, coz even plumpy cabbies have started to hate me! Isn't it the sign of awesomeness, don't tell anybody that I'm still poor as a rat, promise? he-he...

Little by little we reached the place. I had prepared money beforehand, it was fixed price I had been informed via the application.

- "Are you sure that it costs the same price to get here we are?" - he asked angrily

- "Yes, I'd been informed" - I said. I felt that my blood was about to boil good scrambled eggs. Gosh, why can't I live in the Wonderland where impudent people would be extinct species all over the place?! What I'm gonna say now is said with a therapeutical view but I'm a friggin' misanthrope, when it comes to rudeness and impudence!!! I'm sorry, but it's true!

I know, it's human to lose temper, but....I hate it, just hate it!

Ok, forget my misanthropism!

I'd better tell you what that fat cow did after I uttered my last word! He threw the money in my face!!!! Can you imagine?

One would break his face after such audacy, if I may say so, but I felt so insecure, that I rushed out of the cab immediately. I was about to cry. I felt so depressed. I dunno why. He was just a stupid son of a bitch. The only thing I can do is to feel pity on him. And I do, I really do.

He was not the main reason of my depression. The fact that I'm so insecure and lonely here makes me feel like a suicider (I've never tried to commit a suicide, and will never try, so I can just guess what the one feels like). That's a core of the problem.

Look here: I've been fooled by my ex - employer, become a victim of a flat fraudster, grabbed by one taxi driver, and humiliated by the other one.

Where the hell truth in all that sh#t is? Does this exist, or am I the only stupid fag who still believes in truth? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRR...

That is so unfair!

The only thing can reconcile me with this ugly reality! I hope all of them will burn in hell! JK.

I don't care of them at all. I know that there are enough good people, and I love people who I am surrounded by. I am so thankful to you, my dear readers, who keep sending me WORDS of LOVE via my e-mail, who support me here and there, who even send me some little treats.

Look what I've got from one of my fans:
A macraméd phone case

A mug from Konigsberg

How sweet of you, dear! Thanks a lot! I'm pleased to bulbs.

I bought myself a new perfume which is perfectly masculin.

 I love Bleu de Chanel so much. This scent made my day! 
I love you guys, stay tuned! 

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Maurice Chabale

GQ profusion à la Russe

I've come back home. There's been lots of work since the weekend. So I decided to relieve stress by dropping in the nearest shopping mall near my hood. Thanx to a taxi - driver who hadn't got change for 1000Rub (~28$), so I had to go to the mall and buy something coz, you know, those b#tches at the cash desk don't change money even for their orgasmageddon's sake! So I rushed to the rack and grabbed my fav. ones.

I have been collecting GQ Style Russia for ages. The most part of the collection is being kept in my new apartment and waiting for the moment when it's accurately piled on the shelves. I feel so pity for I had lost some precious exemplaires while "motion times" when I had to change abodes like a frantic whore changes motels, because I was new in da city, and so helpless without my personal abode.

I've bought some other mags. One is  called  "Russian reporter" with one of my fav. writers - Zahar Prilepin on its cover. You can find his books on his personal web page. Invest into Russian Geniusnessness!  He's got a really good taste in literature, you may trust me! I've read some of his books. He' s gonna give birth to a new novel soon if the cover is to be trusted.  And I like him not because he's bald and brutal.  LOL. He belongs to a new generation of Russian classics, so you know how I feel about old school stuff.  Another mag is called  - "Fashion & beauty". Actually I didn't buy it. It's for free. You can find it in big supermarkets, or in a cafe around the city center area. I picked it earlier in the morning when I had breakfast at "Nippon House". I'm the happiest person in the world. Welcome, my new inspiration!!!

That's it for now. I love y'all. Read books, read blogs, read mags, read whatever you like coz reading is Faith. EVANGELIUM SECUNDUM MATTHAEUM! God bless you and all DAT jazz....I'm off to sleep, b#tches! Wish me some words of love via text msgs.

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Maurice Chabale

Nicolas Formichetti for #DieselTribute, bravo!

Photo credit: NICK KNIGHT (using smartphone!!!!)

Congrats to Nicolas Formichetti with his successful debut for DIESEL. I hope my beloved Renzo Rosso appreciated your work well! Orally, of course!

Guys, doncha like this trend: when new blood is injected into storied fashion brands? I do! And I'm all supportive about that!

I think that "I just wanna shake it a little bit" campaign has turned out to be nothing, but a great story of success!

Pussy Riot who?

Nicolas's collection impressed me even more than publicly reveiled G. W. Bush's artistic side on display. I love your work, Nicolas, just know it! I've been lovin' you, and everythin' abt you since the infamous "Anatomy of change" for Mugler!!!! Just so happy 4 ya, I can't express in words!

I would rush to Diesel store here in my land of matryoshkafuckas sexy navy cadets and the best models Natasha Vodyanova and Sasha Pivivarova, but retailers are so slow here. And I doubt that the whole #DieselTribute line will reach the local market at all.

So let's go and see what they have on their webpage.

Press NEXT to see MORE:

Grrrroom - grrroom, here is my personal selection of things from #DieselTribute collection! Shop men, shop women, shop shemales, shop everybody!!! Good luck! I love y'all.

Personally, I won't have 500 UK pounds for the DIESELTRIBUTE Denim Gilet may be you have even if I sell my liver on the black market, then you, rich b#tch, hurry up!!!

                                                                            Photo credit: Jessica Bridgeman 

I'm obsessed with this Reboot leather sneek (EUR 310):

And this Reboot leather handbag #1 (EUR 605): 

Both pieces might be mixed with this DZ7304 watch (abt. EUR 350) to finish the whole picture of your fierceness labelled DIESEL:


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Maurice Chabale

It's all about dreamin'

I've spent the entire day in my personally created kingdom of boredom.

No people around, no flashing lights, no phone calls, no anything except me and my jerking evenings (Just joking) loneliness. And nothing can be more relaxing, than having sex with your own thoughts when nobody can reach you. If only you're not a barbicized blondie with two brain cells, of course. I can't say that I've gone too far from that type, but I like to think, to dream as a matter of fact.

Yes, today I'd like to speak about dreams. Not those pictures which one sees every night, but about something one has always wanted to have or to be. I'd like to share some with you, so that I hope this all would be like a "go and do likewise' procedure.

Go ahead and let your subconsciousness split out. May be some of your dreamz will come true, may be some of them will stay locked inside your brain cage forever, but for God's sake, for sure.


Dream # 1


After I had watched Steven Soderberg's "The girlfriend experience" (with a horrible Russian translation though coz I could't find an english version of the film anywhere), I fell in love with Marina Ann Hantzis starring (known as Sasha Gray) and I wanted her to be my Gurlfriend Guy, because she is perfect for me. She's my iteration, isn't she? Check it out: she's pervert, she's young and beautiful, she likes independent movies, she's not that stupid stupid critics think of her, so am I. I'm just savouring those opportunities that clubbing with her and her muscle merries from the porn industry (who must be her best friends) gives. Just imagine those shopping opportunities, and all those jealous covert glances at two of us. I'll probably be wearing Igor Chapurin and Alena Akhmadulina from head to toes. I'm sure we might be good friends, and make friends by our families (I know I don't have a family yet, and I dunno whether her husband Ian Cinnamon is a homo-hater or not, but I've added him in my friendlist on Twitter just in case LOL). Anyway I want Sasha to be my best friend. And I'm so obsessed with her voice in "Words" track by aTelecine . This is what I need during this mid-fall gloomy season here in Krasnodar.

Dream # 2


For such kind of introvert I am, dreaming of a wildly crazy annual male reunion like you might probably see in the begnning of the Mark Pellington's film called "Melt with you" seems like a life-long obsession. But I would chip off the substances.

Dream # 3


I know that India nowadays is not that good ol' India that it used to be many years ago, when we all could observe its glory in numerous TV series on ORT. What I would do there? Ok, I'll answer you, if you're interested. Of course, I would launch the best ad campaign for my newly made bright and beautiful pieces from my 'garde-robe'. Imagine MOI, lying on one of the white beaches in Kerala. I won't go to Goa just to look at fat burgers' ass#s. And of course, I'll have "The D affair" in a white tent with a Maharajah reincarnated in a clone of Emil Wilbekin. OMG, he's so hot! And so talented! I've been reading ESSENCE magazine since my chinchilla cradle nappies. Just jokin'! I didn't have 'em ))

Enough melancholia for one night, I guess. I hope all your dreams will come true, my swetest readers! I love y'all. Peace! Hugs'n'kisses.
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3 things about Prada spring/summer 2014 campaign

OMG, now I can hardly breathe through excitement I'm full of!!!! Check it out: the first thing - is Miuccia's undespicable talent, of course!

The second one is - 'Steven Meisel, you're fuck###n' gorgeous, and U know it!' situation.

Ain't I the latest 'fashion monstar' to watch this video?

Prada has gathered all the it-guuuuurls together to play glamour tennis and dressed them up in maybe the best fur-coats in history in front of Mr. Meisel's lenses. This is the final match point!

To say that this ad campaign is good means to say nothing. It is perfect! It's fun. The colors are marvelous. You may trust the words of an good ol' Uncle Ogilvy in spirits aka MOI! Please, welcomE!

I wish I could purchase every piece there, but my poor bureaucratic motherland doesn't pay me enough because my profession had been damned thrice (not forever I hope) once in a day, and gosh, it doesn't allow me to purchase more than a pair of socks. They are gorgeous though!

I'm proclaiming Prada, Prada, Prada Profucion here in the land of matryoshkafuckers, red velvet mocassins and white socks above the flip-flops!!!!!

If the latest trends are to be trusted, and the great ones of the Fashion World had allowed us, mere mortals, to put on socks in combination with summer footwear, you, bitch##es, must bow down to us, Russians for that!!! JK!

I've seen this 'tendance terrible' not in Europe, not in Asia, but here in Russia (which actually has always been handled with gloves off here) since I remember MOIself! How dew like it? Ah?


                                                                                      photo credit: Tommy Ton

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