3 things about Prada spring/summer 2014 campaign

OMG, now I can hardly breathe through excitement I'm full of!!!! Check it out: the first thing - is Miuccia's undespicable talent, of course!

The second one is - 'Steven Meisel, you're fuck###n' gorgeous, and U know it!' situation.

Ain't I the latest 'fashion monstar' to watch this video?

Prada has gathered all the it-guuuuurls together to play glamour tennis and dressed them up in maybe the best fur-coats in history in front of Mr. Meisel's lenses. This is the final match point!

To say that this ad campaign is good means to say nothing. It is perfect! It's fun. The colors are marvelous. You may trust the words of an good ol' Uncle Ogilvy in spirits aka MOI! Please, welcomE!

I wish I could purchase every piece there, but my poor bureaucratic motherland doesn't pay me enough because my profession had been damned thrice (not forever I hope) once in a day, and gosh, it doesn't allow me to purchase more than a pair of socks. They are gorgeous though!

I'm proclaiming Prada, Prada, Prada Profucion here in the land of matryoshkafuckers, red velvet mocassins and white socks above the flip-flops!!!!!

If the latest trends are to be trusted, and the great ones of the Fashion World had allowed us, mere mortals, to put on socks in combination with summer footwear, you, bitch##es, must bow down to us, Russians for that!!! JK!

I've seen this 'tendance terrible' not in Europe, not in Asia, but here in Russia (which actually has always been handled with gloves off here) since I remember MOIself! How dew like it? Ah?


                                                                                      photo credit: Tommy Ton

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