A guy with an awkward gait, United Colors of Benetton white tote bag, my famous readers, broken promises

I didn't go to the exhibition cause I didn't find any worthy favorable reviews online. Not that I tend to follow majority opinion, but I trust people's opinion if I hesitate somehow.

My inner voice is now telling me: "Stop lying, bitch, you were just a lazy-bone who didn't want to drag your ass out!"


That's not my only sin during the week. Forgive me, Father, Lord - I've committed a crime against MOIself and my shiny guts.

Look what happened at Easter:

5 minutes later:

Yes, you're right. It was a crusty fat chicken galore at night. Broken promises, no mercy!

Now I'd have to sentence myself to no shopping till the end of time.


I'd better commit a suicide by letting a little prick pierce my anus or by joining Zhirinovskiy's party where I'm sure there are lots of little pricks. Wanna join me? Translate this street ads I shot some time ago then:

You better look who I encountered yesterday morning:

Ha-ha, this guy is just something extraordinary. I always have fun when I see macho-machos a la straight uncut prick owners crossing my way. They're so cute... Just lewk at the way he's walking. His arms work better than boaters who paddle the river.

I don't care what you think about following people and shooting them from their back coz my Twitter is followed by a famous writer. Watch:

I'm so f##ing pleased!

BTW, I went to Benetton on Krasnaya St. yesterday at lunchtime. I was so surprised to find lots of things for the upcoming summer. I darted my eyes around its floors, both men's & women's corners. And the most precious thing was this white tote bag. OMG, this is not even leather, but it costs abt 3400 roubles. Am I losing taste, but I'm in love? (Sorry, but I can't turn these photos down!!!)

It's simple and noble. It's white. The white is the new black this season. Don't forget!

There are some more pieces, choose one for ya:

This anorak is amazing. The color is divine. 

Love the color. You can find this 100% coton thing in the Men's Underwear.

Nice revolutionary print. Mix it with the anorak to match colors

 Floral ambudance will wurq perfectly in the jungle of Malasia. (P.S:  Are there jungles in Malasia?) LOL

Miss Hepburn would love this coat. Wear it with my fav tote....

That's all for now...Wait for the new updates, my darlings!!! I love y'all...
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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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