Estet fashion Week 2014 with love

So MFW is over, but Moscow never sleeps, especially fashion Moscow! That's why Estet Fashion Week 2014 is upcoming soon.

The 7th season, four days, more than 23 participants. Here's a bit of fashion arithmetic.

Let's play 'who is who' game now.

I'm doing this not just because I think that a statement "the curiosity killed a cat" is false, but mostly because of it's just interesting to get to know new faces from the world of fashion.

I love discoverying something new. Who knows, maybe one day, I'll be the one who'll discover new Kate Moss or John Galliano. And everyone will start to play "lovin' lovin' MOI" game! What? Though we don't need copycats, I'd love to give a hand to a big talent when needed.

Fashion Name #1 

                         Photo credit:

Elegant collections created by Mr. Hayari whose fashion house is based in PARIS (!!!!) are loved by top models and princesses of all sorts. His attires of genuine beauty smell classic, but scent pure luxury at the same time. I love this black garment on "Mrs World and Mrs Russia" Alisa Krylova (0:12 min).

Fashion Name # 2

A fashion designer behind the Gatti Nolli Couture Maison is originally from Lebanon, so you can easily feel a touch of the heart of Beirut in vintage evening gowns he creates year after year.

This is the best piece by Gatti Nolli Couture I've found on just for 4000$:

Fashion Name #3

Fawzi Nawar

Estet Fashion Week is well known for its "thematical days" where one theme is chosen and all the collections are adjusted to it. I think that if we speak of Fawzi Nawar, "oriental resort" is the right word for his attires rich in ornamentations, light fabrics, national prints.

Pity that I can't come, but may be next time...I'll stay tuned anyway. I love y'all, sugarbabes. 

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