GQ profusion à la Russe

I've come back home. There's been lots of work since the weekend. So I decided to relieve stress by dropping in the nearest shopping mall near my hood. Thanx to a taxi - driver who hadn't got change for 1000Rub (~28$), so I had to go to the mall and buy something coz, you know, those b#tches at the cash desk don't change money even for their orgasmageddon's sake! So I rushed to the rack and grabbed my fav. ones.

I have been collecting GQ Style Russia for ages. The most part of the collection is being kept in my new apartment and waiting for the moment when it's accurately piled on the shelves. I feel so pity for I had lost some precious exemplaires while "motion times" when I had to change abodes like a frantic whore changes motels, because I was new in da city, and so helpless without my personal abode.

I've bought some other mags. One is  called  "Russian reporter" with one of my fav. writers - Zahar Prilepin on its cover. You can find his books on his personal web page. Invest into Russian Geniusnessness!  He's got a really good taste in literature, you may trust me! I've read some of his books. He' s gonna give birth to a new novel soon if the cover is to be trusted.  And I like him not because he's bald and brutal.  LOL. He belongs to a new generation of Russian classics, so you know how I feel about old school stuff.  Another mag is called  - "Fashion & beauty". Actually I didn't buy it. It's for free. You can find it in big supermarkets, or in a cafe around the city center area. I picked it earlier in the morning when I had breakfast at "Nippon House". I'm the happiest person in the world. Welcome, my new inspiration!!!

That's it for now. I love y'all. Read books, read blogs, read mags, read whatever you like coz reading is Faith. EVANGELIUM SECUNDUM MATTHAEUM! God bless you and all DAT jazz....I'm off to sleep, b#tches! Wish me some words of love via text msgs.

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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