It's all about dreamin'

I've spent the entire day in my personally created kingdom of boredom.

No people around, no flashing lights, no phone calls, no anything except me and my jerking evenings (Just joking) loneliness. And nothing can be more relaxing, than having sex with your own thoughts when nobody can reach you. If only you're not a barbicized blondie with two brain cells, of course. I can't say that I've gone too far from that type, but I like to think, to dream as a matter of fact.

Yes, today I'd like to speak about dreams. Not those pictures which one sees every night, but about something one has always wanted to have or to be. I'd like to share some with you, so that I hope this all would be like a "go and do likewise' procedure.

Go ahead and let your subconsciousness split out. May be some of your dreamz will come true, may be some of them will stay locked inside your brain cage forever, but for God's sake, for sure.


Dream # 1


After I had watched Steven Soderberg's "The girlfriend experience" (with a horrible Russian translation though coz I could't find an english version of the film anywhere), I fell in love with Marina Ann Hantzis starring (known as Sasha Gray) and I wanted her to be my Gurlfriend Guy, because she is perfect for me. She's my iteration, isn't she? Check it out: she's pervert, she's young and beautiful, she likes independent movies, she's not that stupid stupid critics think of her, so am I. I'm just savouring those opportunities that clubbing with her and her muscle merries from the porn industry (who must be her best friends) gives. Just imagine those shopping opportunities, and all those jealous covert glances at two of us. I'll probably be wearing Igor Chapurin and Alena Akhmadulina from head to toes. I'm sure we might be good friends, and make friends by our families (I know I don't have a family yet, and I dunno whether her husband Ian Cinnamon is a homo-hater or not, but I've added him in my friendlist on Twitter just in case LOL). Anyway I want Sasha to be my best friend. And I'm so obsessed with her voice in "Words" track by aTelecine . This is what I need during this mid-fall gloomy season here in Krasnodar.

Dream # 2


For such kind of introvert I am, dreaming of a wildly crazy annual male reunion like you might probably see in the begnning of the Mark Pellington's film called "Melt with you" seems like a life-long obsession. But I would chip off the substances.

Dream # 3


I know that India nowadays is not that good ol' India that it used to be many years ago, when we all could observe its glory in numerous TV series on ORT. What I would do there? Ok, I'll answer you, if you're interested. Of course, I would launch the best ad campaign for my newly made bright and beautiful pieces from my 'garde-robe'. Imagine MOI, lying on one of the white beaches in Kerala. I won't go to Goa just to look at fat burgers' ass#s. And of course, I'll have "The D affair" in a white tent with a Maharajah reincarnated in a clone of Emil Wilbekin. OMG, he's so hot! And so talented! I've been reading ESSENCE magazine since my chinchilla cradle nappies. Just jokin'! I didn't have 'em ))

Enough melancholia for one night, I guess. I hope all your dreams will come true, my swetest readers! I love y'all. Peace! Hugs'n'kisses.
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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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