Krasno is not a cesspit as it all may seem

My office is situated at the top floor of one of those shopping centers which flood the city center. Nothing special except a room of the official Italian Embassy where one can get a visa to visit the land of hot Italian muscle studs and a bedding shop by Blumarine where I've found nice sheets for my new bedroom (no silk coz silken sheets are for posh losers who ignore the meaning of the word 'comfort'!!!!).

Those have been the same trivial working hours till the moment I noticed some chicks in brand super tuper cool 'fringues' going back & forth in front of my panorama windows in my office. They are made of A class glass so that I could contemplate the exterior. Screw that they open to a neighbourhood office where a couple of nerds work. They wear shabby clothes, they never take their cheap caps off, they have beards just like the same ones which Norvegian loggers have.

So one of the girls had a stunning Cow leather & Chevre Birkin 35 Green Shine bag. I don't know whether it was a counterfeit or not but the woman looked like a good blond cocks#cker who can afford the Birkin bag because she had probably earned money by doing a good job with her bubble lips & butts.

The other one was a tall beautiful woman in her thirties. She wore high - heel Louboutins. G.O.D, they were so high so that the image of the Eiffel Tower immediately came up through my mind. And which was also etched in my mind, a high waisted amphora shaped mini skirt embellished with Sicilian Moor print by Dolce & Gabbana!!!!!

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Mamma Mia...I would die for that skirt! JK

I've always thought that it's absolutely impossible to see somebody wearing Louboutin or Dolce all the more so. I assure you, there's zero chance of this happening in the land of white distended tummies. That's what I used to think but now I'm sure that I'm not alone and there are other normal people who like dressing up as much as MOI.

Enough envious rambling thoughts.

Here's my late night inspiration - city lights. If I could I would print them on a piece of fabric and sew V-neck tops. Let it be China silk.

I was shooting this short video while getting home by taxi, of course! Thanks God I had a silent driver this time. He was as taciturn as Guérassime from Moumou (a very famous novel by a Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev).

Another inspiration is the cover page of STOLNICK magazine. I love it!!! I'm lovin' it! See how cool these stripes are. What if I cover my new spring coat with them? Not exactly the same I want, but let it be some paysan life miniatures, or Medieval fightinig knights, or yellow geese, for example. Don't forget to mention my name if you decide to do the same with your coat!!! That's my idea!!!!

I love y'all!!! Tell me that you love me, my mln dolla sluts!!!! Sweet dreams.

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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