"Money should be spent here & now...."

How are you doing, boys and girls, sexy models, gay twink males, chubby mature money bags and many others? It's been a long tiring week, right? Actually it hasn't finished yet, but tomorow I'm gonna have a day-off. I've planned to go to an exhibition which name I'd prefer to keep in secret for now. So, I'll report about it tomorrow, if I decide to go (read like if I'm able to find something respectable in my closet). /oink-oink/

Have you heard the last, but not least news from the Ukraine? Now we Russians are banned to visit this country. Ha...Who's dissapointed in da club? I can only hear the voice of cheap faux Louis Vuitton bags' lovers and second-hand dealers. Well should we ban anything for Ukrainian people 'en revanche'? Let's say, going to Russian Fashion Week, for example? No. Performing on the Russian stage? No. Now your turn...

But I think we should just accept it till very masculine Mr. Lavrov copes with this problem. I know, you're mostly into fashion thing, but not into politics? But there is a relation between two things. The global economy! Think about it. I won't get into details, but you can figure out perfectly what I mean. Start with a currency exchange...

But revenons a nos moutons. Let's speak about beauty. Have you seen a new video by Renata Litvinova. If you don't know who she is you must be living on a different planet. She is the queen of Russian art-house!!!! I adore art-house!!! I've always wanted to be such an individual like her. There is a short list of

women I used to copycat in my childhood. I copied everything: their voice, their manners, their statue etc. I failed of course, cause they were inimitable. Renata Litvinova is one of those women. She's very special.

She's chic. She's strong-willed. She's talented. That's enough for being a contemporary icon. Agree?

Besides, we have smth. in common. I agree with her statement in the short movie that money should be spent here & now (sounds funny, but my left palm fells like itchy while I'm writing this phrase) or they'll dissapear immediately. Money are created to enjoy all the good things that life's bringing. Screw the fact you're poor...It's better to die in poverty POWERty after having savoured the best things in life, than one day realize that you've been saving money for all your life, but you hadn't felt happy a minute because of some Ukrainian bullsh#t on da plate (JK). It's up to you to choose things which make you feel happy. As 4 me, it's travelling, permanently changing situation in my garde-robe (read at least 10 new items a month), job and my hobbies which are worth some investment. Shall I mention Birkin bags, a villa in Miami, my label, 5 Top - rated Michelin Star restaurants to have lunch in, a Chrysler Aspen for weekdays, and an Audi R8 Spyder for going out? So narrow - minded, but I don't care...

Enough vapid chat. Let's enjoy beauty.

And one more thing: I'm dying... I want Rado badly...

Yesterday I went to Sparks, it's a new cafe on Krasnaya St..

Actually, I liked their interior design inspired by Elvis & Marylin, and all that pin-up thing, can't say the same about their food, coz I ordered nothing but a salad with garden rockets. I'm on a diet, remember?

I want my slim arms to be as muscleless by constrast with ones of a muscle - bound guy from the video titled "What Do You Think About Obama Supporting Gay Marriage"!

See ya later, my fashion lunatics! I LUUUURVE YOU!!!

Blue cotton slim size pants H&M, blurry striped top by Elena Lichutina, snickers by T.Taccardi, grey vintage jacket (used as a coat). BTW, I know that I wear too much of H&M. But even the legendary Tavi Gevinson started with it. Look at her first posts!!! There must be a long way from H&M to Chanel, baby! Nevertheless, I love H&M badly!

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Maurice Chabale


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