Moscow Fashion Week: from Alexader Arutyunov to Igor Chapurin 

I'm officially declaring that since now I'm gonna stop pigging out and put myself on a strict, low - fat diet. EPIC! That means that if I wanna shine bright on the most fascinating beaches around the world from Kuala Lumpur to Cambodia, from Turkey to Puerto Rico, from Crymea to Sochi, I'll have to deprive myself from 3 bars of milk chocolate a day which are equivalent to 300gr (or maybe not equivalent, but I don't care, coz I'm a damn fool in maths) of my favourite sweets called "Umka - Konti" (produced in Ukraine) that I hardly blinked at eating yesterday night. No more pâté, no more milk, no more barbeques, no more sweetmeat, only a rib of celery is my best friend! I'm dead serious about that! And it's not said just for being said. I mean it!

Where is fashion whereas there's an ugly paunch developed on my lean body?

I don't want to look like pregnant Kim Kardashian lounging poolside (though she looked beautiful on these photos, if you have Kim's speed dial, please tell her, that there's one Russian ghetto boy obsessed with fashion and her majestic beauty, I'm not kiddin').

It's really hard to keep fit when you work so hard as I do, when you come back at midnight and the only thing you dream of is a huge bloody steak with a glass of red wine. I'm not that kind of bloggers who blog just to kill time because they have everything in life and they wanna make profit just out of one another profitable MONEYLANDIA kind of source, I'm living for fashion! I admit that I can't afford myself anything but loads of lettuce, kilos of fruits, litres of yogurt, fresh juice, and some fresh fish fillets anymore in my life. The only thing I'll never give up doing is eating my favourite Philadelphia light rolls.

Ok, let's stop this culinary pr#stitution!

Let's speak about my stuff for I haven't posted enries for about a week or so. Pardon my busy @ss, cuties!

When blogging becomes my main business, I promise to update more often with more qualified content and more authentic pictures.

You won't believe me if tell you what has happened to me!

I've lost my passport! I know that I'm the epitome of irresponsibility when it comes to my belongings, I'm indeed a King of Lost Things!!! Check it: lost Samsung laptop in October 2011, lost Nokia mobile phone in August 2013, lost H&M gloves in December 2014. Don't get me started and mention an uncountable number of lost umbrellas, silver chains, hats, keys and so forth. Ha-Ha. But it might have been funny till I got realized that I had lost the most important document in my life! (Okay, maybe my first press-pass to Moscow Fashion Week would be more important to me than my passport, so please tell Alexandra Roshchuk and all those guys who work for that I don't own a company, I don't have index, and I don't want to complete a monthly ACR (audience coverage rate) column, but I urgently need to go to MFW, or Mercedez Fashion Week next year. This is a matter of life and death). So I was about to go to the police station to be charged 2500RUB and to apply for a new passport, I even resigned myself to the idea of at least 2 heart attacks, high blood pressure, insane migraine that would be waiting for me on the way while the new passport was being done.

All that bullsh#t literally becomes your cursed loop when you're bounded to Russian red tape.

So lucky I am to be surrounded by kind people around. They supported me with kind words, they said not to panic and to try to remember where I might leave my passport. I followed their advice. Though my apartment had become a mess after I had turned everything upside-down there, thanks God, I found it yesterday. I literally got 3 orgasms at a time after this windfall. I'm sure this is divine intent which helped coz it was Palm Sunday Eve.

Enough drama!!!

Let's speak about fashion instead...


Nothing can be more relaxing for MOI, that clicking on pictures from the latest runaway shows.

What do we have on our plates today? Mercedez Fashion Week and Moscow Fashion Week which ended on the 3rd of April 2014. Ta-da!

Who the hell cares of distant Milan, Paris, Tokyo and London when there's the poshiest event for nouveau-riches from all over the world just 2000 km away from my land of poor Cossack police officers, and Adygeisch posh-cunts with faux Chanel handbags? I know that fashion critics are sceptical about what they call "Russian fashion". So am I, but why do we have to deny the fact that Fashion Week has been existing here for years and there are lots of talented designers whose shows are worth seeing. Lucky bitches those of you who aren't enclosed in your personal boredom of 4 corner cell dying from jealousy like MOIself at the moment.

This is Moscow Fashion Week, welcUM! Let't quickly resurrect a sequence of some fashion events in its network.

The 1st day was all like calm before the storm, cause there were no noteworthy events till Valentin Yudashkin's show that started at 20:30. I won't comment the show cause I've done it before.

On Sunday we could enjoy the shows by Vera Kostyurina. This brand is rather new comparing to its infamous compats and fashion admirers, but it already knew some minutes of glory when it won a Diploma for the 1st place and Admiralty Needle Grand Prix for the collection “Défilé along Baker Street” in 2006, a 1st place Diploma for the “Inside Out” collection given by the Fashion Assembly in 2008, and becoming a member of Volvo Fashion Week in 2009. Vera's fashon house is specializing on individual tailoring of men's clothes, that's what I like most of all about it. As for the current collection, I'd like to highlight a women's line, coz the men's one sucks, sorry! Here are some images I presumably liked. They all are inspired by 50-s I guess, but nevertheless some pieces of the collection look futuristic enough to drive you off this impression (Photo courtesy of Fashion Time):

Ruzu Mikhina is a bee queen of prints. Thanks to the years spent in St. Martin's School of Design where she studied the art of making prints. She creates everything I like so much in eclectic style which is typical for Russian designers.She even wurqs the trademark of eclecticism better than my favourite Denis Simachev.

Look at her ebroidered sailor's vests, patchwork bags, chic Rimma & Paulina coats which I'm sure Kira Knightley would probably choose for her Anna Karenina in if she knew about them.

There was also the shows held by Eleonora Amosova whose collection was inspired by Styliagi, a youth subculture from the late 1940s until the early 1960s in the Soviet Union. Lisa Romanyk's dresses reminded me of early Valentino's collections.

BTW, Lisa looks like those 'femmes fatales' who belong to that sort of wives of fat and ugly owners of puffy bank accounts filled with oildollars. I can't imagine modern it-girls wearing her outfits, but maybe they're tailored for preppy girls studying at the Moscow State University? Who knows?

Let's move forward.

Let's skip Dora Blank who's evidently worked for grannies and women in their 60-s who still miss some Eurotrash cocks of their youth. I'd better be shot by Hitler then wear this.

And here we have Arngoldt. I'm a huge fan of pastel colors that's why I give all the fashion credits to this designer. Look, Paris in blossom:

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

I know, I know what y'all gonna tell me about Teplitskaya Design. That it's all fun, it's not serious. But come on, we're in business where people make money! This is a fashion show, but not a f#cking circus! You can go to the circus to hee-haw at your fag clown friends. I don't understand it, guys. The only thing I'd buy it for is kids on the podium. And where are the copywright officers? Can't they see a rip-off? This is Burberry's area. If not, you can put my eyes out!

Shiyan is still fabulous as he used to be, but I can't see the authencity. Some pieces remind me hard of Dsquared2 in 2008, D&G in 2010. But if I get one of these jackets you see below on 70% discount, I'll change my mind, I promise, pardon my bitchiness. LOL
                                                                               Photo credit:

  Photo credit:

Vittorio Raggi decided to charm everybody by letting these cuties on a catwalk. Just look at this, innit cute? Dear Vittorio, I'm officially notifying you, that children's labour in Russia is illegal, even if their richie-rich daddies and mommies had promised you a big deal in promotion here in the land of matryoshkafackers gold and oil. He-he...

 Photo credit:

 The fourth day was under tha aegis of YANASTASIA.  I've fallen in love with this brand after I had seen  my favourite stylist of all times who was closing the show (okay now he's a self - proclaimed King of Glamour) - Sergey Zverev. I decided to go to the gym only if I  preorder a tracksuit printed Gzhel byYanastasia. 

                                                                  Photo credit:

But frankly speaking, the show itself was hilarious. It all looked everything but not a fashion show. Watch yourself, my fashion oiks.

That's all for now. Stay tuned to get the second part of fashion galore MADE IN RUSSIA!!!!

I'm so fuckin' proud of my country that I want y'all know be aware of my being proud!!! Don't forget to like your favourite lewks, and post comments as well as purchase in online stores I've accurately linked above.

Kiss ya, Love ya!!!!!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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