Nicolas Formichetti for #DieselTribute, bravo!

Photo credit: NICK KNIGHT (using smartphone!!!!)

Congrats to Nicolas Formichetti with his successful debut for DIESEL. I hope my beloved Renzo Rosso appreciated your work well! Orally, of course!

Guys, doncha like this trend: when new blood is injected into storied fashion brands? I do! And I'm all supportive about that!

I think that "I just wanna shake it a little bit" campaign has turned out to be nothing, but a great story of success!

Pussy Riot who?

Nicolas's collection impressed me even more than publicly reveiled G. W. Bush's artistic side on display. I love your work, Nicolas, just know it! I've been lovin' you, and everythin' abt you since the infamous "Anatomy of change" for Mugler!!!! Just so happy 4 ya, I can't express in words!

I would rush to Diesel store here in my land of matryoshkafuckas sexy navy cadets and the best models Natasha Vodyanova and Sasha Pivivarova, but retailers are so slow here. And I doubt that the whole #DieselTribute line will reach the local market at all.

So let's go and see what they have on their webpage.

Press NEXT to see MORE:

Grrrroom - grrroom, here is my personal selection of things from #DieselTribute collection! Shop men, shop women, shop shemales, shop everybody!!! Good luck! I love y'all.

Personally, I won't have 500 UK pounds for the DIESELTRIBUTE Denim Gilet may be you have even if I sell my liver on the black market, then you, rich b#tch, hurry up!!!

                                                                            Photo credit: Jessica Bridgeman 

I'm obsessed with this Reboot leather sneek (EUR 310):

And this Reboot leather handbag #1 (EUR 605): 

Both pieces might be mixed with this DZ7304 watch (abt. EUR 350) to finish the whole picture of your fierceness labelled DIESEL:


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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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