They kicked my #ss over there

Is it a beautiful place? Yes. But I hate it the most at the moment! Do you know what's happened here? I was on my way to Ivakhova Marine's show two hours ago, as I had planned it the other day. I didn't expect it was going to start after midnight though. But I had called the manager of Krasniy Pes. She gave me some instructions about the best time to come to get the best seats, but she had forgotten about security guards who crossed my way at the entrance. And they asked me WHAT? My PASSPORT!

Sh#t it flatters me from one hand, but from the other hand, they kicked my #ss by that asking! I was p#ssed off! I had spent two hours to save time to go to the show for the moment! I arrived earlier for an hour or so. But the bastards didn't let me in, as a result! I took a taxi and rushed home coz the show was going to start in an hour. I thought it was for the better, for I wanted to change my clothes too, cause the guards had been staring at me like lions usually look at a mouse they're going to eat in a second.

But when at home, I felt so relaxed, I poured some green tea in a cup, and started to blog. This is my last entry for tonight, and I'm dying of being exhausted! See you tomorrow, loves! Happy weekends!

P.S: I've got new friends from St. Petersburg! They are in Krasnodar! So, I've promised to show them around tomorrow!
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Maurice Chabale

Grace de Monaco

I've finally watched Grace de Monacco by a super talented director - Olivier Dahan. And I am super inspired by his film. I 'm not going to spread the details for most of you had probably watched the premiere, for those who hasn't watched the film, I suggest to read the synopsis first, then go the the nearest cinema theatre and enjoy the film, you won't leave the place untouched. Acting, costumes, operator's work will bring you lots of emotions. I cried when Grace Kelly was making her speech. She is shown like a very courageous woman full of wisdom and patience. She is worth admiring. Approved! BTW, we have a birthday the same day! I wonder, whether it means something or not. Will I meet my Prince Charming? And I also think that this was the best part for eternally beautiful Nicole Kidman. She played and looked like no one else in the world of rich & famous from the Holliwood Hills.

Green knitwear (La Redoute),  blue cotton pants (H&M), a tie (Terranova), ink shirt (Helen Lichutina)

I waited for the end of the film, everybody had left except three old cows gossiping about something. I asked one of them to take a picture of me sitting in an empty cinema theatre, but she said no to my surprise. B#tch! Oh, I'm badly suffering from not having my personal cam slave! So, the camera slave WANTED!


- taking pictures of your Master whenever he gives you a call;

- being loyal to 24-hours of unpaid work;

- quiet nature;

- tight ass of not more than 30 y.o;

-smart face;

- big c#ck

- No alcohol, no nicotine, no drugs;

Ha! Forget it! I'm kidding! I'll better buy a special device for taking pictures of myself than being shot in head by a furious man who will lose temper on the very first day of his work with MOI.

I didn't want to go to the cinema alone, so I called everyone and noone, but I failed coz each & every f#g had planned something for this day. I made an outrageous attempt to find a shag buddy companion online then. And only two guys replied. I know, that I am not the most handsome man in this world, but who cares when you go to the cinema? Besides, I was ready to give my free ticket to anyone who would join me. F#cking Kuban bastards, they think that if their litl prick doesn't get a tight ass at night, going to the cinema isn't worth a thing.

Ok, I went there all alone, but I had fun on my own. I'm even happy that I have no mournful thoughts afterwards, which might be connected with the negative reaction of my potential companion(s) about the film. Tastes differ, you know! I enjoyed the film a lot though!

I didn't buy anything to drink, coz I had already had lunch at home and a pepsi at 'Coffeshop Company' which was next door. So I was full...

Love that rustic style of their interior:

Choose your own one:

Pay attention to a shape of the glass:

I'm not sure whether I can publish the last pic online or not. There are copyrights and blah-blah-blah. So if it's against the law, let me know please, I'll remove it! 

I made this photo when the film started!

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Maurice Chabale

 Maurice Chabale at the Diesel Rock-star party 

As I promised yesterday I've been working my #ss hard today to please you, my gorgeous readers!

Here is the video from the fashion event organized by Diesel Krd which is called "the Rock - star party". I enjoyed it VERY much. Thank you, guys for having me at your feast of glory! There were so many stylish people for one square meter that my camera was about to set off a blast coz I've taken so many pictures. So, I'll better let you watch the sh#t with your own yes instead of talking gibberish. Voila.

Isn't it adorable? . I have something for you....Click Next...

Of course, it's clothes. Lots of clothes. Lots of beautifil clothes! When in, I immediately rushed at racks to scope some of the Diesel pieces. And I picked up some garments I especially liked:

First, of course, impeccable jeans Diesel is famous for:

Secondly, T-shirts. White is in trend this summer: 

 I want this  clutch BADLY!!!!

Summer is knocking doors already, so a greenish and a reddish V-neck printed T- shirt will make good vibes this season.

Look at the audience. 

This guy was really friendly with me. He shot me several times. So I decided to soot him back. Thanks, man! Maurice Chabale lovs U. Don't forget to e-mail me my pics, you gorgeous bollock.

 Love the print on this T-shirt:

Say 'hi Maurice', rotters:

 They match each other, don't you think so?

This is my fav photo. Look at the effect which gives an impression as if the bearded guy is kissing nose of  the tatooed one.

Guess whom of three people below I kept following all the way whenever he intended to go. OMG, I felt like a crazy paparazzi who follows a top liner.
Stop wishful thinking though! He's 100% straight, I'm sure!

I asked this woman to pose a bit in front of my camera, and she sent me her genuinely  kind smile in response. I loved her. Her look rocked the most (apres mine, of course!) comparing to the other people's looks.

OMG, I've never seen such a tanned girl before this moment here in Krd. She could beat this b#tch for the tan.

But the TV presenter was to die for because of the laughter she gave to MOI. She was so funny in the way she was following each other to give her an interview when everybody was like a virgin, but not a camwhore. She obviously did't know who was ready to being a camwh#re all night long. I had left earlier than she did. B#tches failed to escape from her though. I guess she's a real professional. And her dress with rough boots were divine.

 The same  photographer in colorblocking outfits. T-shirt was Lacoste!!!! I used to have the same, but my ex had privatized it. 

Diesel's classics: 

 Cola orgasmus: 

 ART models:

And one more photo of MOIself taken by the local photographer  Vladimir Medvedev. Thank you, Vladimir for you attention to my humble PERSONA. You've made a great pic, though I'd like you'd taken my sup-ah - dup-ah shining Terranova clutch too. And next time, be more responsive to my nature of a camwh#re, b#tch!

                                                                Photo courtesy: Vladimir Medvedev, Geometria Krd

That's all for now. I love you. Feel the vibes wearing  Diesel.

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale

I was looking for something to watch at night and that's what I've found

I know I've already posted too much about this new American dream  - couple, but I just can't help but posting a new video about Kim & Kaney, cause, firstly, I feel so inspired by them, secondly, it's like I feel they're something new in the history of the world show-biz, and they are obviously  worth being gossipped about. Finally, I just love these guys:

Golden plated toilet, anyone? ha-ha....I can't believe they made such  a tasteless choice! But, nevertheless, dream, b#tches! Wish your dreams come true! I love y'all!!!

Monday night gabble abt currently planned fashion events held in Krasnodar

Hi, my dear friends! Missed me? Don't answer, I know you did. Me too.

Curious what I had for dinner today?

To read the full article please Click NEXT.............................................

This is all healthy and salubrious, innit?

All I need is to start doing exercises to live in harmony with myself. And I guess the only thing which can influence me so that I decided to go to the gym is a new sexy hot top BFF, preferably having a citizenship of the Central European part, and a generously tanned skin who goes to the gym on a regular basis himself. hey-hoy...where are you, my scrawny puffy #ss is waiting for your big comliments?

Unfortunately, my photo-session f#cked up yesterday because of the rain. But screw it! I'll have more sunny days later, besides my mom and my younger brother are going to come visit me. Gawd, that's saddening, but I haven't seen my mommy since last year, and my brother for godknowshowmanyyears ago (for 3 years or so) I suppose. If only you knew how much I miss my adorable familia. I wish the 7th of May comes the sooner the better. But my "Only for blond bimbos" diary says that I'm gonna have quite a busy week, that means they'll arrive by my place before I can say Jack Robinson knife Goyard tote bag that I want badly till it's out of fashion (luckily it's never out of fashion!).

Tomorrow I'll have to fix two meetings. Me and my French students had planned to organize our personal Festival de Cannes aka a 'French film day' by the end of the week too.

BTW, have you seen one of my beautiful Muses - Kristina Bazan - at Cannes the other day shining brightly in the most chic Chopard's diamonds I've ever seen. Just have a look at her Instagram. I'd die for those precious stones on my wrists. So how can you call me a fashion victim if I'm not still purchasing Chopard jewels, Ellie Saab & Dior dresses day after day? I'm obviously not! No, I can't be so jealous. No, no, no...I'm an angel itself! Ain't I?

Okay...revenons a nos chinchillah!-s.

There will be a "Free prose night" in my favourite loft bar aka expo - center of modern art aka museum aka place for idle vagabonds "Chill Angart" on Thursday. I'd like to join the event. But I don't know yet whether I'll be able to go or not coz I have nothing appropriate to wear.

Nevertheless, Friday is my 'turnintoparishilton' night, coz I'm going to go to two fashion events. I must admit, it doesn't happen very often when they organize events which are worth visiting here in the land of horrible taxi drivers. I'd say that worthy events don't take place here at all, comparing to the variety of such ones in Paris, Madrid or even in Moscow.

Even b#tches like me deserve Chanel: summer 2014

I've got a new look in my mind. What do you think?

White plain sweatshirt with an original logo (Maurice Chabale, price by request)

shorts with embroidery (shop here, 640 EUR)

Black silk transparent short from Ann Demeulemeester featuring a waistband, an embroidered floral design and an unfinished hem (shop here, 978EUR).

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Maurice Chabale

Friday mood

red silky dressing - gown (my mom's present for New Year 2010)

6 AM and I can't sleep anymore! Nonsense? No! I just woke up cause for a few hours I was being tortured by the idea for a new venture which is going to see the light in November 2014. So, here I am working on a scenario for a short (aprxm. 13-min length) film. So, I need a young, creative, enthusiastic English - speaking non homophobic (!) camera man, a student, or a professional experienced one (with a prof. camera) who will charge me not more than 1000 USD for three - four working days, preferably settled in Thailand or Cambodia, or Turkey, or who's going to be there from November to December 2014. Please if you are the person I need, or you know somebody who can help, e-mail me - - for further information.

Now let's go to the main topic for discussion: My Friday early morning inspiration. Click NEXT

Today me & my shag buddy spent the whole morning together, cause either I or him don't need to be in a rush for, let me count, the first time after several months.

So, I went to the nearest bakery shop at 7.30 AM (damn early!) till he was snoring in bed and I bought some ready-made dough, strawberries, some cream and made this strudel MYSELF:

Plus I got some cakes: 

And the Schweppes:

Am I in love? Probably, but I'm not sure, I'll update later, coz now I wanna drive to work as a camwh#re in some pictures-que places I spotted not so long time ago. Chiao!

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Maurice Chabale

Happy birthday, Naomi the Queen!

photo courtesy:

P.S: I've been loving you since I discovered fashion.

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Maurice Chabale

Tic toc by Tissot

 watch (Tissot)

My friends from Mint & Lolly, a gorgeous jewelry store shipping their beautiful stuff worldwide kindly added me in their Best fashion bloggers List the other day, and I got inspired by accessories.

So I bought myself a genuine watch by Tissot! I'm so happy. It's true when they say that buying something not counterfeit is not comparable to the feeling when you buy genuine things. The latter is 100% better!

Look at the photo above. I shot the watch with a can of coke I've drunk for lunch (this is my new diet to get fit), and whenever I look at the pic I think of two things:

1) Who's gonna get me tickets to Brazil coz I've got beautiful eyes? (I know there are some generous mommies and daddies among my readers who'd love to spend 5 hot days in June in the land of sexy street rapists freedom and the World Cut 2014). I promise to be a good boy. And I promise not to be a fat boy. I'll be several pounds slimmer than I am now, and I'm gonna shine and be fabulous so that you could be proud of MOI!!!

2) Ain't I a genius photographer? If I had a camera like Hasselblad H2D or at least Canon EOS 1Ds, I would be much better in taking pictures. That's evident. But I don't want to become the second Scott Schuman whom I adore! Scott is my god. I literally pray to his works when I open my Instagram every morning and I say: "Oh Father, bless me with new inspirations for the upcoming 24 hours..." and Scott's pictures keep silent like notable icons. That's pure perfection!

Just have a look at the watch again and say that you like 'em! I love y'all, have a wonderful day, you my fashion polyglots!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale

Le Roi est mort, Vive le Roi!

I don't know how about you, but I'm crying at the moment and can't help it. Watch the Billboard Music Awards, and this is the best video piece from there:

"I want they'll give me a second life like they did it for Michael. I don't wanna be buried, I don't wanna be burnt, I don't wanna be put into a sarcophagus or in a tomb in Westminster Abbey like Newton, I wanna be Hollogrammed".

Britney & Miley (Spears & Syrus, of course) would you be so kind to sing this for me as a funeral song, plz? I'll let you keep the rights reserved (but don't forget to share billions with my mom, just in case). JKiddin'.

Maurice Chabale loves you, and Michael (RIP!).

No, let's better get a new single for my first fashion show which will be hollogrammed too. Just imagine Sasha Pivovarova, Lukas Cindicic, Karolina Kurkova, Sasha M'Baye, David Agbodji and all these top models being hollogrammed and set free right on the catwalk. (Tell me the number of that organization that protects intellectual property rights just in case somebody does it first instead of MOI, you all will justify that I was the first to have this idea, deal?).

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Maurice Chabale

Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection 2015: Seen & Liked vs "Grace of Monaco": gonna be seen & gonna be liked

Seen & liked:

Gonna be seen & gonna be liked:

Can't wait for the movie here in Russia!!!! Nicole Kidman is just stunning!
What do you think about Nicolas Ghesquière's  debut cruise collection for Louis Vuitton? I think it's stunning too. Especially I liked a reddish sweater on the 1st look, a zipped top on the 4th one, a many- coloured tweed coat # 30, this skirt, and of course, the bags and the footwear rocked! Congrats, Nicolas Ghesquière!

P.S: But I'll miss you, Marc Jacobs so much!!!!!!!!

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Maurice Chabale

My personal YOUTUBE channel!

Sunglasses (H&M), shirt is given by my mom for my 24th birthday (label is absent)

I thought that it would be fun to have a new socil outlet to share with you my adventures! Call me a fashion chameleon for now! This is my new job! I love ya!

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Maurice Chabale

WATCH OUT: maniacs in da city!!!!

OMG, OMG, OW-MAI-GAWD. You'll never guess what has happened to me! Cause I can't believe it myself!!! I'm lost for words. Please, save me from myself! My guts are shocked and choked to their finest!

Let's start from the very beginning. Imagine:

9:40 in the morning. A squalid shuttle - bus moving forward to the city center area. I'm buried in my tablets, gadjets, phones of all sorts from top to bottom inside there. I ignore everything & everyone who's in & out every five minutes or so, cause I hate them at the moment, cause I'm the epitome of intolerance to every human creature in the bus when it's f#ing 9:40 am, I'm the most impatient one too! I'm shining 'You better not touch me, b#tch!' glow.

The only thing I want is to get to my office in the middle of nowhere (I change it on Sundays) after getting the strongest double espresso in Starbucks near my hood as soon as the latest thought about work strikes up in my head.

Fancy a guy wearing a shabby grey sportsuit all covered with reels, aged 26-28 y.o, who smells like a piece of sh#t. But the ugliest thing about him is not his smell, but his strange quiet puffing (from his nose). This guy comes in the bus and goes straight forward to the place where I am. He takes his seat right next to me. I throw a disdainful look at him (he can't see it thou because of my Ray-Bans). Fine, now I have to smell a f#cking bastard and listen to his weird asthmatic breathing (I strongly doubt it was asthmatic, it was mostly MANIA-tique).

Luckily, my attention is diverted by a funny picture of my beloved ANNA WINTOUR on BRYANBOY's Instagram.You've always known how to make my day, Bryan! I love you! You're my everything! Wish to encounter you some day!

The picture makes me giggle slightly. But annoying breathing doesn't stop.

I take my headphones out of my bag, I plug them in my iPod, and I hear "And I swear there's a ghost on a silence..." ("Antichrist" by 1975). My personal Apocalypse is nowhere but here in the shuttle-bus!

The guy nervously scratches his thigh and touches my jeans like "by chance". I thought it was by chance till this insistent touch repeated again and again. I was about to tell him to stop scratching his d#mn legs or to offer to get him a Sulfidine when his hand slightly moved up my CROTCH. I died! I really died! This was so unexpected, that I'd lost an ability to breath for a moment.

I didn't know what to do. I was so shocked. I felt like I'm encaged. I couldn't move a limb on my body. But he did it for myself. He put my hand on his CROTCH. That was my officially proclamed shameless DEATH.

I stood up and left the bus immediately. I didn't know where to go, just as far from the bus and the guy as possible. I was about to call somebody up, but I just amelessly played with my phone a little and squeezed it in my right hand as if I wanted to break it. I was trembling like a virgin.

One would be proud of that INCIDENT, but not MOI!

Where is glamour when you are picked up by a loser in a miserable shuttle - bus who is brobably infectious or something? Who knows how many people he had already picked up in that desgusting manner which seems like he picks up prostitutes on the Red light streets and how many people he had f#cked after that way.

I didn't go too far from a bus stop, I turned back and I saw HIM again! God, he might have thought that I had left the bus to give him a blowjob in a secluded place. Oh, no....I started to run away intended to catch a taxi, but there were no cars near at hand. So I caught another bus. You easily might think that there were five-kopeck coins instead of my eyes, that's how round they were, if you saw me at the moment when the guy was in the bus again!!!!! I took a front seat so that he couldn't take a seat nearby. I sat alone then. After a couple of stops I left the bus rushing to the tube as a vulture. I felt safe a bit then. I took a tram after that, and started to think about the grey sportsuited guy all the way down. I can't get rid of his disgusting harrassment till now! I'm sure if I were in America, I would sue him. But this is Russia, wake up!

This is becoming dangerous to stay here, I guess! Oh, please, I know there is a f#cking crisis everywhere, but please, maybe if there is one normal guy or a lady who will be ready to adopt me cause they're the kindest creatures in the world?

Forget the previous phrase! Nobody will be ready to adopt an old fugly holder of the Russian passport, cause everybody hates Russia now there in Europe and in the States.

Please, tell me that you LOVE me. I need your sincere condolescences. You know my e-mail (, so hurry up!


I'm so pleased that surprisingly I've got so many e-mails from New-Zealanders, and people from Australia. I love you, guys!!!! I wish your prosperous green land will become more prosperous in da future. May God save your souls from tough breathing maniacs. And don't use public transport whenever you are!!! It's not FASHIONable!!! I want to get more hi-his from London, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, italy and many other places on the world map. Whenever you are from, I'll be pleased and thankful to you for your kind words.

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Maurice Chabale

Zara Store in the 'Gallery Krasnodar'

Zara is one of those places where you could spend hours without being tired. Shopping there is pleasuresque, cause whatever you choose there, you'll like it anyway.

There were two reasons why I popped by the Gallery Krasnodar. Firstly, I needed to buy something for my aunt, she's got a birthday today. Secondly, I need to get something to mom, cause her birthday is two days later. She asked for a bag, but I can't choose any respectable bag in our cesspit aka Krasnodar. When I say a respectable bag I mean three bags: "Birkin" by Hermes, "Daphne" by Jason Wu Studio, "Chanel 2:55" by Maison Chanel cause we don't have the original bags here at all!!!! I know my mom deserves to possess only respectable bags, but unfortunaletly her son is not born a gigolo, or a pander, that's why he can't afford 'em.

I guess I'll handle this little prob. (No, I'm not going to sell my liver on a black market). LOL

Neverthelesss, I could buy something for my beloved aunt.

I know, this is not Chanel #5, but it smells devine too!

Zara "White rose" perfume, a bracelet I bought in a second-hand shop (looks like real Hermes)

When I was choosing a bag for my mother, I saw lots of gorgeous ZARA footwear pieces which immediately relocated into my WISHLIST in less than no time. Let's count together: 

#1 Metallic -  striped sandals (1499 RUB)

# 2 Ethnic sandals (1999RUB)

# 3 Crossed Bio snake leather printed sandals (3799RUB)

# 4 Shoes on a platform

If you are good at maths, you'll guess that all oа these four cuties will make less in total than one pair of shoes by PRADA. Till you're poor, you have to choose between quality and quantity, So I'll prefer four to one for the moment. Will update tmrw. Bisous!

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Maurice Chabale