Maurice Chabale at the Diesel Rock-star party 

As I promised yesterday I've been working my #ss hard today to please you, my gorgeous readers!

Here is the video from the fashion event organized by Diesel Krd which is called "the Rock - star party". I enjoyed it VERY much. Thank you, guys for having me at your feast of glory! There were so many stylish people for one square meter that my camera was about to set off a blast coz I've taken so many pictures. So, I'll better let you watch the sh#t with your own yes instead of talking gibberish. Voila.

Isn't it adorable? . I have something for you....Click Next...

Of course, it's clothes. Lots of clothes. Lots of beautifil clothes! When in, I immediately rushed at racks to scope some of the Diesel pieces. And I picked up some garments I especially liked:

First, of course, impeccable jeans Diesel is famous for:

Secondly, T-shirts. White is in trend this summer: 

 I want this  clutch BADLY!!!!

Summer is knocking doors already, so a greenish and a reddish V-neck printed T- shirt will make good vibes this season.

Look at the audience. 

This guy was really friendly with me. He shot me several times. So I decided to soot him back. Thanks, man! Maurice Chabale lovs U. Don't forget to e-mail me my pics, you gorgeous bollock.

 Love the print on this T-shirt:

Say 'hi Maurice', rotters:

 They match each other, don't you think so?

This is my fav photo. Look at the effect which gives an impression as if the bearded guy is kissing nose of  the tatooed one.

Guess whom of three people below I kept following all the way whenever he intended to go. OMG, I felt like a crazy paparazzi who follows a top liner.
Stop wishful thinking though! He's 100% straight, I'm sure!

I asked this woman to pose a bit in front of my camera, and she sent me her genuinely  kind smile in response. I loved her. Her look rocked the most (apres mine, of course!) comparing to the other people's looks.

OMG, I've never seen such a tanned girl before this moment here in Krd. She could beat this b#tch for the tan.

But the TV presenter was to die for because of the laughter she gave to MOI. She was so funny in the way she was following each other to give her an interview when everybody was like a virgin, but not a camwhore. She obviously did't know who was ready to being a camwh#re all night long. I had left earlier than she did. B#tches failed to escape from her though. I guess she's a real professional. And her dress with rough boots were divine.

 The same  photographer in colorblocking outfits. T-shirt was Lacoste!!!! I used to have the same, but my ex had privatized it. 

Diesel's classics: 

 Cola orgasmus: 

 ART models:

And one more photo of MOIself taken by the local photographer  Vladimir Medvedev. Thank you, Vladimir for you attention to my humble PERSONA. You've made a great pic, though I'd like you'd taken my sup-ah - dup-ah shining Terranova clutch too. And next time, be more responsive to my nature of a camwh#re, b#tch!

                                                                Photo courtesy: Vladimir Medvedev, Geometria Krd

That's all for now. I love you. Feel the vibes wearing  Diesel.

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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