Friday mood

red silky dressing - gown (my mom's present for New Year 2010)

6 AM and I can't sleep anymore! Nonsense? No! I just woke up cause for a few hours I was being tortured by the idea for a new venture which is going to see the light in November 2014. So, here I am working on a scenario for a short (aprxm. 13-min length) film. So, I need a young, creative, enthusiastic English - speaking non homophobic (!) camera man, a student, or a professional experienced one (with a prof. camera) who will charge me not more than 1000 USD for three - four working days, preferably settled in Thailand or Cambodia, or Turkey, or who's going to be there from November to December 2014. Please if you are the person I need, or you know somebody who can help, e-mail me - - for further information.

Now let's go to the main topic for discussion: My Friday early morning inspiration. Click NEXT

Today me & my shag buddy spent the whole morning together, cause either I or him don't need to be in a rush for, let me count, the first time after several months.

So, I went to the nearest bakery shop at 7.30 AM (damn early!) till he was snoring in bed and I bought some ready-made dough, strawberries, some cream and made this strudel MYSELF:

Plus I got some cakes: 

And the Schweppes:

Am I in love? Probably, but I'm not sure, I'll update later, coz now I wanna drive to work as a camwh#re in some pictures-que places I spotted not so long time ago. Chiao!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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