Grace de Monaco

I've finally watched Grace de Monacco by a super talented director - Olivier Dahan. And I am super inspired by his film. I 'm not going to spread the details for most of you had probably watched the premiere, for those who hasn't watched the film, I suggest to read the synopsis first, then go the the nearest cinema theatre and enjoy the film, you won't leave the place untouched. Acting, costumes, operator's work will bring you lots of emotions. I cried when Grace Kelly was making her speech. She is shown like a very courageous woman full of wisdom and patience. She is worth admiring. Approved! BTW, we have a birthday the same day! I wonder, whether it means something or not. Will I meet my Prince Charming? And I also think that this was the best part for eternally beautiful Nicole Kidman. She played and looked like no one else in the world of rich & famous from the Holliwood Hills.

Green knitwear (La Redoute),  blue cotton pants (H&M), a tie (Terranova), ink shirt (Helen Lichutina)

I waited for the end of the film, everybody had left except three old cows gossiping about something. I asked one of them to take a picture of me sitting in an empty cinema theatre, but she said no to my surprise. B#tch! Oh, I'm badly suffering from not having my personal cam slave! So, the camera slave WANTED!


- taking pictures of your Master whenever he gives you a call;

- being loyal to 24-hours of unpaid work;

- quiet nature;

- tight ass of not more than 30 y.o;

-smart face;

- big c#ck

- No alcohol, no nicotine, no drugs;

Ha! Forget it! I'm kidding! I'll better buy a special device for taking pictures of myself than being shot in head by a furious man who will lose temper on the very first day of his work with MOI.

I didn't want to go to the cinema alone, so I called everyone and noone, but I failed coz each & every f#g had planned something for this day. I made an outrageous attempt to find a shag buddy companion online then. And only two guys replied. I know, that I am not the most handsome man in this world, but who cares when you go to the cinema? Besides, I was ready to give my free ticket to anyone who would join me. F#cking Kuban bastards, they think that if their litl prick doesn't get a tight ass at night, going to the cinema isn't worth a thing.

Ok, I went there all alone, but I had fun on my own. I'm even happy that I have no mournful thoughts afterwards, which might be connected with the negative reaction of my potential companion(s) about the film. Tastes differ, you know! I enjoyed the film a lot though!

I didn't buy anything to drink, coz I had already had lunch at home and a pepsi at 'Coffeshop Company' which was next door. So I was full...

Love that rustic style of their interior:

Choose your own one:

Pay attention to a shape of the glass:

I'm not sure whether I can publish the last pic online or not. There are copyrights and blah-blah-blah. So if it's against the law, let me know please, I'll remove it! 

I made this photo when the film started!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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