Happy Victory Day!!!!

‘angel soldier’ by lee yongbaek (photo via http://www.designboom.com)

Just a short entry in the middle of the night about fashion & politics. 

While we Russians are celebrating (for the moment while I'm writing this entry,  we have already stopped celebrating) the Victory Day,  when we commemorate victims of war conflicts, particularly the ones who died during the World War II,   I keep on saying: STOP WAR IN UKRAINE! 

I just don't wanna stay aside looking at what's going on in the land of cheap faux Louis Vuitton bags (I saw one which cost around 85USD!!!) authentic culture and creative people,  partly working in fashion industry. 

The minimum I can do is to speak out and pray for this country and people living there. 

The maximum - is to purchase loads of Peace T-shirt labelled "Х*й войне!" (= 'Chew to a war') and b#tchface in front of my camera in it,  that's what I'm probably gonna do some day and would like you, my lovely family of fashion addicts join me here. Don't forget to send me your pictures. Three most creative works will be rewarded (say get a black rubber sequined dildo from MOI). 

Or I'd advise you to support some talented Ukrainian designers and brands like Zalevsky, Saya and many others. 
I also would like to adress my words of respect to Daria Shapovalova, creative director of Kiev Fashion Days. She's doing a great job spreading the word about talented people in the land of trash white money-bags in Europe. For those of you for whom this is not enough, I saved a joker on da plate:  Daria had been done the honour of  standing beside adorable Anna Wintour in paris during Paris fashion Week. I love you, Daria! 

Photo: Daria Shapovalova

You're the only woman with this beautiful name I respect after Daria Verbowy since her first photoshoot in Vogue in 2005. 

Enough political whining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eurovision Song Contest 2014 is on the verge. Support our girls  - 'Tolmachevy twins' duo on  this website if you're not citizens of the land of 'nouveaux riches' aka Russian Federation. 
The contest is gonna take place in Denmark. I love Denmark!!!! 
Copenhagen has been my number one place in the list of favourite cities to visit in my lifetime since I'd known that they had officially proclaimed a sologamy  (read a self-marriage) as a basic human right (if my mom is to be trusted). If it' s true, I'll be the first'n'row among self-marrying people. Dreams really come true. I remember myself as a child who was looking in the mirror and saying something like this: "OMG, what lucky bitch is gonna get such a beauty (I meant myself, of course)? " 
Yes, I used to be extremely narcissic, though now I'm Mr Shy himself. LOL
Now I have hundreds of you, my dear readers, who I love so much, and nobody but you heal my egoistical nature. Thank you! I love y'all!!! Good night and sweet fashion dreams to all of you! 

P.S: Probably today I'll be dreaming of Anna Wintour and Slava Zaycev adopt me and we'll be hanging out together in and out front rows and I'll get the best clothes  for free?! )))) 


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