Maurice and Maurice

Do you remember that astounding movie "Julie & Julia" where Meryl Streep and Amy Adams starred together? It is based on a  Julie Powell's book  called "Julie & Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen". And both the film and the book are all about culinary profusion. There were thousands of different recipes which made you remove your saliva from your chin every now and then. 
Probably it is hard to say that I'm a big fan of food. You even  might think that I was born and grown among poor starving lads in Malawi that's how skynny I look like (which actually is not true, cause I want to be skinnier!). 
And don't tell me, that it's stupid or something. I don't care what one might think. 
I love good food, but the thing is -  I hate cooking. 
Actually, when I was a student and I started to live on my own on the first course, I was dreaming about myself learning to cook. I liked the idea of getting some of my gal pals together and feeding them till they  get twisted bowels <a devilish mocking sound>. 
When it happened and they started to come to my place, and I fed them, I had lost interest in cooking as quickly as  I got interested in it. 
Some transient compliments were enough for me to satisfy my ego. So that means that I wasn't intended to cook seriously or ever I didn't want to do it seriously. 
But recently I've got interested in cooking again! 
Now I tend to buy food and not to go to a cafe. I just come to a shopping mall, take a basket and put everything I want inside it. The main criteria for making a choice of this or that piece of food is the absence of anything which might look like a chemical element from the periodic table on its wrapper. 
And I'm quite happy when I play with the food when I cook. I like mixing it in an unexpectable way. 
Here is the first of my newly born culinary entries where I'm going to share my reinvented receipts on a regular basis with you, my darlings!
I don't wanna my blog being focused only on fashion, cause I think everything is connected in a row: fashion, food, art, literature & so on. Moschino by Jeremy Scott's FALL 2014 READY-TO-WEAR collection is the visual proof of my words. Furthermore, my receipts are undoubtedly fashionable! 
Just be sure that you buy only healthy food, and you eat healthily! 

 Recipe # 1 "Salad by Maurice Chabale"

- maize;
- tuna;
- garden radish;
- olives;
- lettuce;
- red onion;
- beans;


Put lettuce on the bottom of a big bowl.  Cut the radish thick and hearty slices, chop the onion while the beans are boiling. As for me I prefer a tinned tuna, that's why you can save your time by using it too. If you want to cook it fresh, you can find an easy method of how to clean fresh tuna on YouTube.
After the beans are ready, cool them in the fridge for a little while. Get a maize ready by firstly placing ears in a pot of boiling water for 4 to 7 minutes or in a vegetable steamer for 4 to 6 minutes, peeling back the husk slightly to check for plump, pale, and moist-looking kernels.  Mix all the ingredients in a different bowl with olive oil, or a sour-cream mixed with small-grained salt and black pepper. And put mixed vegetables on the leaves of lettuce.  Finally , finish the composition with some olives. Voilà the salad is ready! 

I hope you'll like it if you dare to cook the salad one day. I'll be waiting for your replies on e-mail or in the comment line. if you change something to bring more glamour into it, feel free to e-mail me again! I love y'all. Chiao...

P.S: Should I study Dutch? I mean is it difficult? Please, don't forget that I'm genious but I am not all mighty  a blond caged inside a skynny boy. I've been a fan of Holland since childhood,  since I had known that Van Gogh was of the Dutch origin. He's my favourite artist of all times!!! Just in case,  if you didn't know.
My Turkish friend offered me to go to Belgium next year (TO ITS FLEMMISH PART), but I don't know anything about this country! I don't know people's mentality there, I don't know whether it's dangerous or not to live there, at last I absolutely ignore the way they treat immigrants. I will have to find a job there, but the only thing I can do is going shopping for myself, or cursing online.  Probably I will have to wash dishes in a canteen for political refugees, or change diapers for a senile peevish former aristocrat (I  hope I'll inherit his Paradise House estate when he dies)... or I dunno what all the immigrants from developing countries do.   I'm scared. But I'd love it if I could find new friends and my 'the only one Prince Charming' over there. Please, write me and give me some pieces of advice. I'm desperate!!!!


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